Impact Wrestling Results (9/5) – Trey Miguel Defeated TJP

Trey hit with a double knee off the top rope for the win

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Impact Wrestling Results are back and this looks like it’s going to be an awesome match.

Trey Miguel vs. TJP

TJP took Trey down with a leg lock to start off, and Trey got out of it and locked in a head scissors.

TJP did a head stand to get out of it and they exchange a couple of holds before giving each other a high five out of respect.

They continued trading wrist locks until they went off the rope and Trey Caught TJP on his shoulder, and then rolled TJP up for a quick pin attempt.

TJP rolled Trey over and wrapped him up in an inventive submission, but then let got of Trey’s hands and focused on his legs until Trey reached the ropes.

TJP then slammed him and hit a somersault over the top rope and nearly scored another pinfall.

TJP started working on Trey’s legs, and wrapped them u and put Trey into a type of head lock.

Trey slipped out and headed to the ropes, but TJP caught him in mid air with a dropkick,

Trey tried a 619, but TJP caught him, and Trey missed with one spinning kick but hit with a follow through kick.

TJP was went out of the ring, and Trey hit him with a dive through the ropes, then threw him into the ring and climbed the ropes.

TJP caught him and hit with a superplex, then tried a couple more submission holds from Trey’s arm to his legs, but Trey made it to the ropes again to break the hold.

TJP hit with a kick on Trey’s lame left leg, then hit with a knee drop, but Trey responded with a cartwheel and dropkick.

TJP his with a tornado DDT and climbed the ropes, but missed a splash.

TJP caught Trey’s kick and lifted him into a fireman’s carry, but Trey slipped out and dropped him, then hit with a double knee and hit off the top rope with a double knee and scored the pinfall victory.

Abuse in the back

Back in the locker room, the other Rascals were being beaten down by the North and Madman Fulton while Ace Austin talked some trash.

Officials and the Motor City Machine Guns ran in to help, but they were too late.

Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin were then informed that the Dez and Wentz of the Rascalz wouldn’t be cleared medically to compete, and while they said they would go on their own.

The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) approached them about taking part, but the MCMG weren’t buying it but the Good Brothers said they’d see them out there.

Shelley and Sabin looked pained at the Good Brothers inviting themselves into other people’s matches.

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