Impact Wrestling Results (9/8) – Brian Myers Defeated Willie Mack; Tenille Dashwood Return Date

Myers hit Mack with a DDT for the win

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Impact Wrestling Results (9/8) – Brian Myers Defeated Willie Mack; Tenille Dashwood Return Date

Impact Wrestling Results returned as John E. Bravo was making some calls for Taya when Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan interrupted him and asked where their invitations were.

When he said Taya’s handling them, so they started in on Bravo needing to be his own man and offered to show him how.

They don’t seem to care about Taya, and it should be interesting to see what happens when she hears that,

Brian Myers vs. Willie Mack

Brian Myers came out to the ring and grabbed the mic and said that he and Willie Mack may have gotten off on the wrong foot.

He added that he’s the world’s most professional wrestler and traveled the world, won champinships, and shared the ring with legends and hall of famers, so Mack shouldn’t be ashamed of losing.

He channeled Vince McMahon’s speech about Bret Hart and time honored traditions like a handshake for those like Myers that paved the way for others.

Willie Mack came out and looked a little confused about what’s wrong with Myers.

He said he didn’t come out to shake his hand, but he’d love to grab Myer’s head and shake it some.

He announced that Impact management liked their last match so much that they granted him a rematch and it’s right now.

Myers tried to back out claiming he doesn’t have his gear, didn’t tan, and isn’t oiled up.

It didn’t work.

The bell rang and Myers offered his hand. When Mack did accept it, he faked like he was leaving but Mack caught his kick and nailed him with a clothesline.

Mack nailed him a couple more times and sent him out of the ring, then hit with a cross body off the top rope and threw Myers into the ring.

Mack knocked him out of the ring again, but this time, Myers grabbed Mack’s legs and pulled him out of the ring, and slammed his back into the ring before throwing him back into the ring.

Myers pounded on Mack and then stomped him while talking smack,

Myers hit with a suplex and went or the pin, but Mack kicked out.

Myers hit Mack in the back with a knee, then locked n a reverse headlock of sorts that was focused on Mack’s eyes and forehead.

Mack tried to fight out of it, but Myers hit with a knee. Mack ducked and Myers ran into the turnbuckle, buying Mack some time.

Mack then his with a shoulder block and flying back elbow, followed by a powerful body slam.

He dropped an elbow, and then went for the pin but Myers kicked out.

Mack hit with a Samoan Drop and standing reverse moonsault for a near pinfall.

Myers countered a stunned attempt by raking Mack’s eyes, and Mack countered Myer’s charged with a Sky High.

Mack nailed him with some punched and pulled Myer’s shirt off. While the referee was chasing that, Myers kicked Mack in the groin and hit with his DDT for the pin.

Tenille Dashwood returning next week

We switched backstage where Jordynne Grace was interviewed about how she congratulated Purrazzo instead of ruining her black tie affair, and Grace asked by Tenille Dashwood showed up.

Grace headed to find her with the interviewer and was forced into a conversation with her personal photographer.

Grace asked when she was going to come back to work and a photoshoot promo for her return next week played.

When it ended, Grace walked away in disgust.

Taya Valkyrie doesn’t make friends

Impact Wrestling Results returned to Steelz and Hogan backstage talking about how they can make the wedding lit when Taya approached and gave them grief for not talking to her.

They said they never sent a car, bus, or anything for her.

Taya said she doesn’t know or care who they are, and referred to them as Chihuahua 1 and chihuahua 2 and said she’d take them both on later tonight.

Taya just can’t make friends, can she?

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