Impact Wrestling Results (9/8) – Eric Young is Confronted by Alisha Edwards, Challenged by Tommy Dreamer; Rosemary and John E. Bravo’s Wedding Planning

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Impact Wrestling Results (9/8) – Eric Young is Confronted by Alisha Edwards, Challenged by Tommy Dreamer; Rosemary and John E. Bravo's Wedding Planning

Hello and welcome to impact Wrestling Results! Looks like we’re going to have some great matches tonight, and we can’t wait for the show to start.

This is going to be one we don’t want to miss.

Confronting Eric Young

The show started with their customary recap of last week, focusing on Moose discovering EC3’s room and the hundred of pictures on him, and then Eric Young’s win over Eddie Edwards for the Impact World Championship.

It concluded with his brutal attack on Eddie Edwards injured knee, seeking to possible end Edwards’ career like he had Rich Swann.

After the opening music, the new Impact World Champion Eric Young came out as expected.

Young started it off by saying we’re looking at a world class man, athlete, wrestler, and most importantly, a world class maniac.

He added that when Rich Swann pinned him at Slammiversary, it demanded an immediate reaction; that Swann started the ball rolling and it ran over him and Edwards.

He said it was all designed and 100% inevitable.

Alisha Edwards came out to confront him.

She said he may be a world champion to come people, but to her he’s a coward. He’s a coward that came back to Impact to make a statement.

She said her husband, Eddie Edwards, will come back to reclaim what it is.

She added that she saw it all from Edwards nearly losing his eye and Ace Austin enarly ruining their marriage.

The challenge

She said she’s not afraid of Young, and that it’s only a matter of time until Eddie comes back.

She got personal by adding that Eddie can hold their little one or take her for walks.

Young replied that he doesn’t care and she slapped him.

Alisha seemed to understand she went too far, but young grabbed her for a piledriver, but Tommy Dreamer came out with a kendo stick and hit Young across the back, saving her.

Young slipped out of the ring and told Dreamer to stay out of his business.

Dreamer commented that he’s a hypocrite for piledriving women in his career, but he knows what it’s like waking up next to people that were injured.

Dreamer added that when Young left, others stayed there so he had a place to come back to.

Dreamer challenged him to a match later tonight and dared Young to end his career. He doesn’t care what match Young wants, he just wants him to try to end his career.

Young countered with a maniacal rant and said Dreamer will see him tonight.

We switched to Moose’s hunt for EC3 as he boarded a plane and took off as we headed to commercial.

Wedding details

Impact Wrestling Results returned to find Rosemary, Taya Valkyrie and John E Bravo discussing preparing for Rosemary and Bravo’s wedding.

Apparently, Taya is planning it, and it’s all about her, or Rosemary and Bravo. Yeah, it’s the former.

Rosemary mentioned out how it’s hard to find someone that can officiate a demon wedding, especially resurrecting James Mitchell to preside.

Taya then said she’s got everything under control and it’ll be perfect.

Once Rosemary left, Taya went on about ice sculptures and a 20 tier cake and an elephant… Bravo may wonder why he’s doing this before too long.

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