Impact Wrestling Results (9/8) – Old School Rules – Eric Young Defeated Tommy Dreamer; Rich Swann Returns!

Young hit Dreamer with his hockey mask and then a piledriver for the win

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Impact Wrestling Results (9/8) – Old School Rules – Eric Young Defeated Tommy Dreamer; Rich Swann Returns!

Impact Wrestling Results returned  as the match started with Young charging Dreamer, but Dreamer sidestepped him and hit with a slam.

Dreamer grabbed a kendo stick, and he caught Young with it in his midsection off the top rope, then clotheslines Young over the top rope with it.

Dreamer then pulled a chain out of a trash can and wrapped it around Young’s eyes.

Young fought him off and nailed Dreamer with a couple of heavy forearms before bouncing Dreamer of the ring apron, then the railing.

Young pulled the mat up to expose the cement floor with a piledriver, but Dreamer countered with a backdrop.

Dreamer threw some weapons into the ring, then hit Young on the head with a handicap sign while he sat on the floor.

Dreamer threw him into the ring and bounced a cooking sheet off Yong’s head, and set him up for a superplex on a pair of steel chairs.

Young punched Dreamer and then bit him on the forehead to get off the top rope.

Young then draped him over the bottom rope and repeatedly stomped him, then slingshoted him into the bottom rope for a near pinfall.

Young nailed Dreamer with a cooking tray on the head, and then used a chair on Dreamer’s back.

Young then climbed the ropes, but Dreamer got the boot up and drove the chair into Young’s face.

Dreamer then hit with a cutter to buy himself some time.

On their knees, they exchanged blows and worked their way to their feet.

Dreamer gained the advantage and used Dusty Rhodes’ old elbow smack before going for a pin that Young kicked out of.

Surprise ahead!

Young then hit with a chop block off the ropes when Dream missed with a kendo stick.

Young locked in a leg bar, but Dreamer broker it by hitting Young a few times with a kendo stick.

Young then hit Dreamer’s injured leg with a kick, but Dreamer reversed an Irish whip and sent Young into the trach can propped in the corner, then hit with a DDT for a near pinfall.

Dreamer then pulled a table out from under the ring and set it up in the corner where the trach can was.

Young hit him with a low blow, then Dreamer hit the ropes when Young was on the top rope.

When Dreamer lifted him off the ropes, Young hit him with his hockey mask, and followed it with a piledriver for the win.

Not done, Young grabbed the kendo stick and hit Dreamer, then he put Dreamer’s injured leg in the chair and beat on it with the kendo stick.

Rich Swann hobbled out on crutches and chases Young out of the ring.

Though he’s in a cast, it looks like Swann may come back in the future to finish this.

This was a great show and Impact Wrestling Results loves the storylines that are shaping up.

What do you think of the show? What was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments, and well see you next time!

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