Into the Vault: TNA Sacrifice 2005

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Into the Vault: TNA Sacrifice 2005

 Let’s go on ahead and check out TNA Sacrifice 2005. Taking place on August 14th, the stakes are high for Jeff Jarrett as he must win in the main event tag match. 

If Raven or Sabu manages to pick up the win, Jarrett can’t challenge for the belt for a year. It’s almost as if TNA knew people were growing weary of Double J possessing the NWA World title. 


Honestly, the low-tier stuff wasn’t bad for the most part it just wasn’t as engaging as the rest. A good example was the opening six-man which was actually pretty decent. 

This match had Sabin, Shark Boy, and Dutt against Skipper, Simon Diamond, and David Young. It wasn’t bad just boring.  

If it was on TNA Impact it would’ve definitely gone over better with me. That said, it was fine as opener when compared to the rest of the card.  

It could’ve swapped places with 3 Live Kru vs. Kip James and Monty Brown, really. Of the low-tier bouts that tag match was definitely at the bottom. 

This is a shame because the team of Konnan and Killings could’ve been a hot regular combo with the Freebird rule element. 

Shocker vs. Alex Shelley left something to be desired.  


Abyss vs. Lance Hoyt wasn’t bad at all. I went in expecting it to be low-tier or something worth skipping but it right in middle being decent.  

I would’ve bought this as an Impact main event. More of this Hoyt was needed during this time in TNA. Abyss was good as usual on PPV. 

Christopher Daniels against Austin Aries would’ve easily been exotic-tier with more time or some kind of stake. This was a good match that was regulated to a lengthy exhibition. 

Also, none of the titles were defended on TNA Sacrifice 2005 which was odd. Title-chasing Austin Aries and defending Daniels? C’mon folks. 

Now, on No Surrender 2005, I said that it made sense that the six-man tag lasted as long as it did. Here we have an eight-man tag that was shorter. 

Why do we have an eight-man tag? Yes, it’s Team Canada against America’s Most Wanted and The Naturals! 

You know why? Because TNA’s tag division was whamming out of control like the chocolate factory conveyor belt from that episode I Love Lucy. 

It could’ve two separate matches but it wasn’t and this match actually worked well. I love a street fight or brawling-type match but this actually benefited from just being a vanilla rules match. 

That is unless you’re the kind of fan who loves to give camera team WCW World War 3-grade trauma. 


Now it’s time for the trifecta! First up is Jerry Lynn taking on Sean Waltman as they revisit their career-long rivalry 

I dig these kinds of matchups because it’s a showdown between veterans who came up together but hadn’t wrestled each other in a while. Lynn and Waltman delivered a really good match here. 

The semi-main event between A.J Styles and Samoa Joe was the best of the night. Nothing comes close meaning the main event and Lynn vs. Waltman are see-sawing for runner up honors. 

This match was the Super X Cup finals. The tournament was semi-regular, alternating years with the Team X Cup. It really should’ve been an annual thing. 

I remember thinking Styles would end Joe’s streak but it wasn’t to be. The semi-final matches on Impact could’ve run on Sacrifice, really. After finding them, they turned out to be good. 

Styles vs. Petey Williams was going to be good. Joe vs. Alex Shelley surprised me because back in 2005 I wasn’t entirely sold on Shelley. 

It was an awesome match that you can check out below. 

So, Double J is fiending for a World title because the “King of the Mountain” needs a crown. He tagged up with newcomer Rhino against Raven and Sabu in this one. 

Remember, his team has to win for Jarrett to be able to challenge for the belt. The benefit for Rhino is that if he gets the win he gets the shot next. 

What do I love more than anything on a wrestling PPV? A wild brawl! The more chaotic the better and this was an exciting brawl! Must watch? Not really but it’s worth a watch. 

TNA Sacrifice 2005 Verdict: Mid-tier (7.5/10) 

Overall, this was a really good show from TNA. It had a similar finishing stretch to No Surrender 2005 but was as strong throughout the show. 

It’s peak mid-tier and moving some matches around would’ve improved the flow of the show and pushed it further.  

Would it be No Surrender or better? That’s a tall order to meet but Sacrifice is far from a weak follow-up to that PPV. 

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