Into the Vault: WWE In Your House 8

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Into the Vault: WWE In Your House 8

We’re heading back Into the Vault and looking at WWE In Your House 8: Beware of Dog. This is an interesting show in that the PPV’s feed cut out and didn’t come back until the main event. 

There was another show meant as a freebie and continuation of the PPV two days later. Since the Network used it to make up In Your House 8, we’re just counting these four matches. 


The main problem with Marc Mero taking on young Triple H is that it was 15 minutes long. No needed a match that long featuring Hunter at this point. He was solid and only getting better. Plus, he was in there with Mero. 

The Wild Man could do it all in-ring. Something just wasn’t clicking for them here and the match just seemed longer than it actually was. That’s never good. 

The match between Vader and Yokozuna was meh. You know I also go on match pace, time given to work their magic, and overall what they did with the time. 

This isn’t going to shock and amaze but this match wasn’t awful. It could’ve easily been RAW or Superstars main. The thing is, these guys probably could’ve done more with the time given. 

Then again that’s not always necessary. They did alright enough here. It had to be better than their original three-minute jaunt at WWE In Your House 8. 


The other mid-tier match was Goldust defending his Intercontinental title against The Undertaker. It will always be weird to see the Deadman challenge for this belt. It’s the Undertaker! What does he need with the IC title? 

Any gold in WWE is good gold—especially in 1996. Jean-Pierre LaFitte wouldn’t have turned down the IC title but he’s a pirate. They’re fiends for gold. 

Oh yeah, the match. It wasn’t bad at all. Nice length, good pacing, and no lengthy lulls in the action. It was a good main event to a salvage show for WWE In Your House 8. 

The British Bulldog always got a bite at the WWE World title. He was that dangerous contender who could’ve easily been a sleeper champion. Someone who just wins the belt when you least expect it. 

Even better when they’re not in the thick of major stories or anything. His match with Shawn Michael’s was good. Just right on the border between rock-solid and pretty good. HBK could work well with Harts—especially Owen and Bret. 

This didn’t really match those bouts but it was a respectable match. 


Now the real star of this list is the second Steve Austin vs. Savior Vega Caribbean strap match. I don’t know what makes this match Caribbean but Savio and Austin really go at it. 

It features one of my favorite finishes in the WWE with Austin sneaking and touching the turnbuckles as Savio advanced. Then the struggle at the last turnbuckle. This was a great one. 

It showed that Steve Austin could be crafty with opponents. Not that we didn’t know since Austin delivered as a heel in WCW. 

WWE In Your House 8 Verdict: Mid-Tier (5/10) 

I wasn’t entirely sure how to tackle this Frankensteined card. It’s an abomination. Not because of the match quality—that bad overall—this shouldn’t exist. 

If it does exist, it shouldn’t be in pieces! That aside, this wasn’t a bad show but it wasn’t great either. The match to watch if you don’t entertain anything else is definitely the Caribbean strap match. 

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