Is Carmella The Smackdown Mystery Woman?

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For the last two weeks, there have been vignettes that have been run on Smackdown Live. They detail a woman getting dressed, which many originally felt was a big debut from NXT or a return. Names like Chelsea Green and Kelly Kelly have popped up, with Eva Marie even popping up in the conversation. All people who have either done or could pull off a character like this, but the actual answer is set to be much more underwhelming. It seems to just be Carmella, who’s being repackaged for a return.

This Mysterious Woman Has The Same Tattoo As Carmella

Eagle eyed viewers on Twitter would quickly notice a small detail during the latest vignette. While this woman was getting dressed, you could see a small tattoo on her arm, one that is identical to that of Carmella.

It’s a small hummingbird on her left bicep, as detailed by this tweet showing it on Carmella and the mystery woman. Same tattoo in the same place, very definitive evidence.

WWE probably didn’t expect fans to notice something this small, underestimating their fanbase once again. When it comes to the WWE women’s division, fans don’t miss a single little touch after all.

She Has Been Wayward Since Splitting With R-Truth

Carmella is undoubtedly one of the future stars of the WWE Women’s division, having had a trial run with the Smackdown Women’s Championship after winning the first ever Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match. She was sent into the thick of it with this reign, and held her own against Asuka, Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch.

She’d be paired up in a very popular act with R-Truth for a while, showing some great charisma from her as well as some dancing skills, but has been wayward since then. A repackaging, new attitude, and some more focus will do Carmella a lot of good, and she needs it more than someone like Chelsea Green would, despite this being an overlap of characters.

Do you think this case is already closed, and Carmella is coming back with a fashionable vengeance on Smackdown Live following Clash Of Champions? Is this a very bold repackaging of Lars Sullivan? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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