Is The Rating War Between AEW And NXT Over? Could It Destroy Impact Wrestling? 

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There has been a war brewing between both AEW and NXT from the beginning of AEW. With NXT picking their airing day as Wednesday the same of AEW. There has been speculation that this was just done to hurt AEW’s ratings and not to build NXT as a new fresh brand. It looks like NXT are changing their mind about the day they are holding their show.

It has been confirmed by Wrestlevotes that NXT are currently discussing changing the day of the show. This is due to the fact that NXT ratings have started to improve after not going head to head with AEW. 

Will Impact be massively affected by the change? 

We have the ratings for Impact and it usually pulls in 150,000 to 200,000. The fact that NXT are considering moving and don’t see Impact as a clear threat to them. It could be massively damaging to their views due to them going head to head with them last week and only just hitting 100,000.

This was a massive drop for them from the week before as it was at 170,000. It has been a while since Impact has struggled to get past the 100,000 mark. With NXT considering changing their day it could be that Impact struggle to do this on a weekly basis. Impact Wrestling could maybe change days in the future but we are running out of days where wrestling can take place. 

This was a bad decision to begin with

Looking at the rating over the last year between NXT and AEW. It was kind of obvious that both of them being on the same day isn’t a good idea for either side. AEW didn’t seem to ever think to change their day most likely due to their contract and being a company that hasn’t been around for a while.

The fact that NXT can move to Tuesday it’s obvious that they should. Them starting off on Wednesday night to go head to head with AEW is alway going to take views away from the company making the move a logical one.

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