Ivar To Undergo Neck Surgery

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Last week on Monday Night RAW, Ivar would dive through the ropes with all the grace of a 305lb man. He landed on his feet, everything looked okay until he threw an X up. Cedric Alexander would quickly finish the match by pinning Ricochet, and Ivar would be rushed to the back.

WWE would report this as a cervical injury at first, and say he was expected to make a full recovery. This full recovery will require neck surgery however, putting Viking Raiders out of commision for the time being.

Ivar Goes Under The Knife Tomorrow

As first reported by Bryan Alveraz on Wrestling Observer Radio, Ivar is undergoing this surgery in Birmingham, Alabama tomorrow. The initial injury report suspected a stinger, something he’d come back from in a few weeks, but neck surgery means he’s likely out until mid-2021 at best. Ivar has been dealing with neck issues for a while now, but this latest injury put him over the edge.

In a tweet from after the accident, Ivar would thank fans for reaching out. “From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to every single friend, family, and fan who reached out to me. My heart is truly touched from all the love and support. Still figuring it all out, but I am working hard to recover and be better than ever!”

This Bodes Poorly For Erik

While Ivar is injured, you need to wonder what is next for his tag team partner in Viking Raiders. Erik is a fantastic wrestler in his own right, despite fitting in the ‘tag team specialist’ box, and WWE tends to shelve partners together in these cases. We’ve seen this with Authors of Pain, when Rezar got injured on RAW, only for Akam to vanish alongside him.

On the other hand, Jey Uso is getting a Universal Title shot while Jimmy Uso is injured, though they are a much more established act within WWE. Erik has been featured on RAW Underground as of late, giving some hope for fans that he will stick around and do what he does best.

We here at The Overtimer wish Ivar a speedy recovery from this injury, and can’t wait to see Viking Raiders back and better than ever. What is your favorite Viking Raiders match Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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