Jack Evans Explains Why He’s Not In The Ring For AEW Lately

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Lately, we’ve been seeing something odd in AEW. Angelico of TH2 has been wrestling in singles matches, not tag team matches with Jack Evans. They only recently got back into the fray of AEW, only for one member to seemingly focus on singles matches? There is a good reason for this.

There Is No Heat On Jack Evans, He Just Broke His Face

Following the match between Orange Cassidy & Angelico, which was far from either mans’ best performance, a fan would send a tweet to both members of TH2 asking if they pissed someone off backstage. Evans would respond and clear that rumor before it could begin.

“No, no kind of heat or anything. I have a hairline fracture in my left cheekbone so I am waiting to be cleared.”

A simple injury, one that will likely keep him out of the ring for a few weeks at worst. The lack of match quality between OC & Angelico can simply be summed up as poor first time chemistry, not a sabotage job from people backstage.

Once he’s cleared, we should see TH2 return to what they do best. This shows that AEW is ready to keep using half a tag team while the other heals, especially when they’re as talented as Angelico. Fans might be used to the WWE approach where if one part of a team falls, they take the other half off TV. A recent example of this is The Authors Of Pain.

Chris Jericho Wants To Face Off With Jack Evans In AEW

When he was asked recently who he wanted to face in AEW, Jack Evans’ name would come up in the conversation, alongside names like Sonny Kiss. This might come as Chris Jericho & Jake Hager eye the AEW Tag Team Championships, something which started with them beating Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss.

TH2 aren’t a high ranked team due to their inactivity, but once Evans is healthy, they can start their own climb. This gives a logical match to look forward too in the coming weeks. It won’t be a proper feud between Evans & Jericho, but with AEW you don’t know if that could be in the works or not. No one could have predicted Jericho feuding with Orange Cassidy, after all.

Would you want to see Jack Evans feud with Chris Jericho? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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