Kurt Angle Wanted John Cena For His Final Opponent

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Kurt Angle is enjoying retirement after a legendary run in the ring. Doesn’t matter if it was WWE, Impact Wrestling or a random indie like WhatCulture Pro Wrestling, he would give his all. His career would end at Wrestlemania after being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame against one of his greatest rivals… Baron Corbin.

Fans were hoping for a swerve, but come the show? Nope. Kurt Angle faced Baron Corbin, and lost his final match in about ten minutes. It was a fine enough match given how limited Angle was in the ring, but could have been so much better had Angle gotten his own way.

Kurt Angle Wanted To Face John Cena In His Final Match

Sometimes things should end how they start, and that could have been the way this final match went. John Cena made his WWE debut challenging Kurt Angle as he showed his ‘Ruthless Aggression’ to the world. This alone had fans wanting Cena to be the one to challenge Angle for this final match, allowing this to come full circle.

While speaking on the Wrestling Inc Daily Podcast, he’d reveal that he wanted John Cena to be his final opponent. “If you’re not active in the ring every week, at least every week or every night, then you’re going to go stale, your body’s going to become stiff and arthritic, especially when you’re in as long as I was. The opportunity passed by and I decided that I was going to retire. I wasn’t supposed to retire when I did, but I told Vince I don’t want to do it anymore, and that’s when I said, I’d like to wrestle Cena.”

Vince McMahon Wanted Baron Corbin And Got His Way

Despite the wishes of Angle himself, Vince McMahon would get the last say, and Angle agreed he was right in the end.

“He said I can’t give him to you this year because you had a program with Corbin the last eight months, you got to finish it up. And Vince was right. So I did it, and he said if you want Cena next year, we could talk about it. And I said no, I’m done this year. So that was my choice. And I’m glad I stuck to it. I didn’t like the way I looked, and it was a little embarrassing.”

The one time Vince McMahon pays attention to a long term storyline in WWE, and all we as fans get out of it was Corbin retiring Angle at Wrestlemania, and not getting much out of it. A brief feud against Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship, which he lost.

Do you think Corbin was the right choice for Angle’s last match given their recent storyline at the time? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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