NXT Finally Making A Bullet Club

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It finally happened in the match between the two former Bullet Club members; Finn Balor and Adam Cole. Personally, I’m still waiting for the triple threat between Adam Cole, Fin Balor and AJ Styles but that seems like it’ll never happen.

Now that the match between Finn Balor and Adam Cole has finally happened for the NXT title ending with Finn Balor winning. The ending of the match kind of hinted at a future team up between both of them.   

How could it form?

The way this could form in the future could happen through the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Cup. This would be the logical way to form this team up. At the minute there’s no reason for them to team up. Finn Balor is the champion and doesn’t really need help with anything.

Adam Cole has been losing a lot of matches lately. He has kind of distanced himself from the Undisputed Era. After these losses though, we could see them together a lot more in the coming weeks. The team up could somehow be made at random after Finn Balor loses the NXT title.

Then they go into the Tag Team Cup as that one random group they always have. At the end though it should be Finn Balor and Adam Cole Vs. the Undisputed Era. That could be a massive match and have a lot of story to it which could be amazing.  

Who would be part of this Bullet Club?

That being said, the Bullet Club should have more than 2 members but who should be a part of a new Bullet Club? There are the obvious two we’ve mentioned but it feels like they would need at least two more. One should be one of the Undisputed Era and should be Roderick Strong.

He was the last member of the Undisputed Era to join so it wouldn’t be that bad if he left it. Then it would lead to Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly becoming a tag team of their own. Maybe with a new name like they did back in ROH as the ReDRagon.

Then the fourth member has to be someone out of the blue and random. It could easily be AJ Styles but it’s very unlikely. Making us think that Pete Dunne would make a great part of a new Bullet Club faction. His personality of not caring what he does and turning into a proper heel could really fit a Bullet Club format of villains.

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