NXT Rewind Results: Aliyah vs. Xia Li [WWE NXT #370]

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NXT Rewind Results: Aliyah vs. Xia Li [WWE NXT #370]

Things were finally starting to look up for NXT mainstay Aliyah, when she’d partner with Vanessa Bourne. However, she’d be met by the martial arts expert known as Xia Li in a one on one match in NXT which would change the course of her career. Li is known for her hard kicks, and that would be what defined this short match and made it memorable.

Xia Li Breaks Aliyahs Nose

The bell would ring, and they would lock up, Xia Li being locked in a headlock and being shoved into the corner. She’d handstand for a moment and go onto the apron. Li would dodge a punch from Aliyah, before throwing some signature kicks and sending Aliyah back.

A big running dropkick knocked Aliyah to the mat. Aliyah ran in and would yank the hair of Li before being fought off with a jawbreaker. Li would play possum in the corner, tripping up Aliyah after going over the top rope, coming back in with a heavy forearm. Aliyah went to the corner, and Xia Li dashed in, missing Aliyah and mounting the second rope. She’d try to jump up top but slip and fall to the mat.

Li came back with a shotgun dropkick, and some kicks to the chest before a quick back spin kick to the face dropped Aliyah hard. Aliyah struggled to get up, and a tornado kick dropped her once and for all. That spin kick to the face would injure the nose of Aliyah, putting her out of action for a time.

Where Are They Now

Aliyah would eventually return from this nose injury, and would clash with Xia Li again in the future. Her partnership with Vanessa Bourne would die, but she’d manage to find someone even better. Currently in NXT, Aliyah is the only steady client of Robert Stone Brand, showing comedy antics just about every week alongside Stone, as they gain and lose clients, get beat down by champions, and run over with tanks.

Meanwhile, Xia Li has not been seen in several months on TV, but will eventually get her chance to show her full potential in NXT. Did you expect Aliyah to have the best year of her career following this scary loss?

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