NXT Rewind Results: Killian Dain vs. Matt Riddle [WWE NXT #370]

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NXT Rewind Results: Killian Dain vs. Matt Riddle [WWE NXT #370]

This show was going to end with a bang, as after weeks of attacks from behind, Matt Riddle got Killian Dain one on one, in a street fight. Tensions were at a boiling point, and both men knew how to go that extra mile in a match like this.

Matt Riddle & Killian Dain Fight To A No-Contest

Right from the start, this one got nasty. It was never going to be a wrestling match, but they started throwing each other around with suplexes. Riddle managed a German & an exploder, dumping the heavy irish-man to the mat, but the Broton would be blocked. Dain grabbed a kendo stick, but Riddle blocked and got a kick to the head, forcing Dain to drop the weapon.

Riddle would use it himself, but the fight would spill out into the crowd when Riddle was launched over the apron. Dain would hit a big senton on Riddle, before throwing clubbing blows his way. They’d brawl into the guts of Full Sail, and into the outside. Riddle would be thrown into the side of a semi-truck.

They would bump into the NXT UK Champion, WALTER, who would decide to choke out Riddle for no good reason, it’s just something he could do. The rest of Imperium would beat down Riddle, and the enter NXT roster ended up brawling. Dain and Riddle would break away back to the ring, followed by the conga line of pain.

Security would try to restore order, but this one couldn’t be salvaged. It was a no-contest, and Dain would dive into a group to end this one off with a bang.

Where Are They Now?

After this match, they’d meet again the very next week, with Riddle getting the win. This led to a title match with Adam Cole, which he would lose. He’d go on to win the NXT Tag Team Championships with Pete Dunne, before ending up on Smackdown Live, where he resides today. Dain is still in NXT, where he’s entering an odd couple tag team with Drake Maverick.

Was this a good way to end the first episode of the new era of NXT, or should they have had a decisive finish?

Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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