NXT Rewind Results: Oney Lorcan vs. Lio Rush [WWE NXT #370]

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NXT Rewind Results: Oney Lorcan vs. Lio Rush [WWE NXT #370]

After being absent from WWE for many months, Lio Rush would come back with a bang. He’d face Oney Lorcan for a chance at the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, then held by Drew Gulak. Lorcan is as tough as they come, and Rush is as fast as they come. They would be ready to put on a clinic, showing why the Cruiserweight division has been killing it in NXT for a year now.

Oney Lorcan Kicks Some Ass

As soon as the bell would ring, Lorcan exploded into the corner with a running European Uppercut. He didn’t want Rush to get moving, knowing how dangerous he can be. Rush would get Lorcan outside the ring, dropping him with a handspring kick and a trio low topes through the second and bottom ropes, gaining control of this match.

Rush would throw some strikes the way of Lorcan, and then use his speed to dodge the return blows, and drop him with a swift kick. Lorcan would grab a kick from Rush and hit a Dragon Screw, before hitting some very hard chops, and throwing Rush across the ring.

Now with his hands on Rush, Lorcan would hit a big Gutwrench Powerbomb for a near fall, before applying a single leg crab. Rush fought out with some kicks, but would be leveled by a knife edge chop, before being slammed into the mat. This match was slipping from Rush.

Lio Rush Makes The Comeback

Rush would manage to hit a springboard stunner off the bottom rope, catching Lorcan off guard. This got him a near fall, but more importantly some space to breathe. He’d go up to the top rope, but miss and land hard on his hurt leg. Lorcan picked him up for a powerbomb, and while Rush broke out, he’d end up back in the single leg crab, narrowly fighting out only to end up back in.

Lorcan would move into a modified STF, really making Rush work to survive. Despite this, Rush would fight to the ropes and break the hold, but the damage might have been done. Lorcan would look to knock Rush out with some strikes, but he’d miss and get rocked himself. Lorcan would be hit with a standing spanish fly, and the Dragons’ Call frog splash ended this.

Where Are They Now?

Lio Rush would go on to become NXT Cruiserweight Champion, before losing the title to Angel Garza.That would end his WWE run, being released from the company in April of this year, and focusing on his rap career.

Oney Lorcan is still around in NXT, both in singles matches with the likes of Timothy Thatcher and tag team matches with his best friend Danny Burch. He’s yet to win gold in NXT, but it’s only a matter of time before the Brit-Am Brawlers win the NXT Tag Team Champions.

Did you expect Lio Rush to have a long career in WWE? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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