NXT Rewind Results: Pete Dunne vs. Artruo Ruas [WWE NXT #370]

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NXT Rewind Results: Pete Dunne vs. Artruo Ruas [WWE NXT #370]

Even on historic episodes of NXT, there are gonna be random matches that pad out the show. However, when one half of that match is the Bruiserweight Pete Dunne? It’s going to be exciting, and Ruas always showed an incredible amount of potential, with his martial arts background.

Pete Dunne Outgrapples Ruas

This would be a clash of styles, the British Wrestling Style against martial arts. They’d grapple up, and Ruas would catch Ruas off guard with a leg trip before looking for an armbar, before Dunne went for one of his own. Ruas got mouthy, and took a forearm to the face, and when he’d get hold of Dunne? His exposed foot would be stomped to break it.

Dunne would send Ruas off the rope, and run him through with a lariat. He’d grab the fingers and use them to take Ruas to the mat, before stomping on the raised elbow, but he’d dodge the second attempt. Ruas would come in with strikes and kick Dunne in the face before going for some ground and pound. He’d send some kicks to Dunne, before Dunne came back.

Ruas would have his toes attacked before a dragon screw leg whip would drop him. Dunne was ready to end this one, hitting a step up enziguri, a german suplex and a roundhouse kick to the head. The X-Plex would drop Ruas, getting a near fall.

Dunne would try to kick the head of Ruas in, before applying a triangle choke. Ruas rolled up and got a kick, before hitting a German Suplex of his own. Dunne would get back in control, apply a submission and try to break the fingers of Ruas, getting a nasty submission victory in the process.

Where Are They Now?

Pete Dunne would go on to win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team classic with Matt Riddle, and become an NXT Tag Team Champion. He’d only lose the championships due to being unable to defend, and trusting Timothy Thatcher to get along with Riddle. He’s still stuck in the UK, unable to wrestle in the United States.

Ruas would find his place in WWE as part of RAW Underground, recently losing a fight to Dolph Ziggler, but atleast is able to get into the ring and do what he does best.

Are you ready for Pete Dunne to come back? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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