NXT Super Tuesday: Breezango & Swerve vs. Legado Del Fantasma [Street Fight]

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NXT Super Tuesday: Breezango & Swerve vs. Legado Del Fantasma [Street Fight]

Ever since Legado Del Fantasma became a faction in NXT, they’ve left bodies in their wake. Breezango were two of those bodies, who got beat down for disrespecting lucha libre culture with an entrance recently. Instead of learning their lesson, they instead beat Wilde & Mendoza to get a title shot, and are now NXT Tag Team Champions.

Meanwhile, Swerve is the only man who has been able to beat Santos Escobar, but a headbutt from a loaded mask ruined his NXT Cruiserweight Championship shot. There will be a lot of title implications as these two situations explode into what will be a chaotic six man street fight.

Pure Chaos Before The Bell Could Even Ring

Before Swerve & Breezango could even get into the ring, Legado Del Fantasma would wipe them out with a series of dives before grabbing some weapons. A table would be set up, as Breezango & Swerve would be beat down.

Swerve would be brought into the ring as Mendoza set a chair up in the corner, but would counter before crashing into and kicking Mendoza into it. Tyler Breeze would take out Wilde with a backstabber, and action would spill all over Full Sail.

Fandango channeled his inner Terry Funk, taking a ladder on his head and becoming a hurricane of pain, taking out whoever got in his past. Mendoza would take out Breeze but take a dropkick to the face soon after. Swerve & Esobar would meet in the ring, with Swerve taking him out with a running high knee.

Fandango found a fire extinguisher, and Breeze would spray all of Legado Del Fantasma with it as we went to a commercial break.

Swerve Drops Santos Escobar Again

Coming back from the break, Legado Del Fantasma had put Fandango through a table. Swerve would be alone to fight off the faction in the ring, but he’d hit a rolling flatliner to get some breath. Escobar would drop him with a forearm, and hit the Arrow From The Depths Of Hell on Swerve.

The former NXT Tag Team Champions would come help beat down Tyler Breeze, getting some revenge for their loss last week. Now this was five on three, but Fandango & Swerve would dive off a forklift to take out everyone not named Tyler Breeze in dramatic fashion.

Dual dives from the tag team champions would take everyone but Swerve & Santos Escobar, and back in the ring Swerve would hit the JML Driver and pin the champion.

This was a huge win for Swerve, and only makes his case for a championship rematch all the better. Are you surprised to see Santos Escobar take the pin in this match?

Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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