NXT Super Tuesday II Results: Austin Theory vs. Bronson Reed

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NXT Super Tuesday II Results: Austin Theory vs. Bronson Reed

Despite making it to Wrestlemania in record time, Austin Theory is back in NXT. Joining Zelina Vegas crew didn’t work, nor did aligning with Seth Rollins, despite showing great promise as a tag team partner to Buddy Murphy. Looking to make an impact back in NXT, he’d go right for Bronson Reed backstage. This would be followed by him costing Reed a match against Thatcher, and tonight he’ll get Reed one on one.

Reed has been on a rapid rise in NXT over the last few months, making him a good target to boost one’s career, but Theory better be ready to go tonight. Would Austin Theory get one up on Bronson Reed again, or be squashed by NXT’s resident thicc boi?

Austin Theory Is Back Where He Belongs

As the bell rings, Theory would extend a hand to Reed, only to have to dodge a lariat. Theory would grab a rear waistlock, only to be sent into the rope and hit with a shoulder tackle. He’d manage to stand tall, but Theory would be taken to the mat with a headlock.

Theory would get back to his feet and stomp the foot to break the hold, before being sent to the mat with a pounce. Reed hits a springboard elbow off the bottom rope, and Theory would flee to the apron. He’d just be thrown back in the middle of the ring, and Reed applied a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring.

Theory would be turning purple, and have to fight free or pass out. He’d get some freedom, and take a back elbow to the face, going back to the apron. Some forearm strikes would stun Reed, but a sunset flip would be stopped in its tracks, and Theory would be sat on for a two count. He’d be sent to the outside, Reed dove off the apron onto him, and the thrashing continues.

Back in the ring, Reed is just having fun with this beatdown, throwing Theory around like a small child. No matter what Theory did, he couldn’t get more than small gaps to get some offense in, Reed in complete control, Theory regretting his sneak attacks.

Bronson Reed Is Too Much

He’d dodge a charge into the corner from Reed, and finally have the big man on the ground, applying a submission of his own trying to suck some life out of Reed along the way to a big win. Reed simply lifted Theory up out of the submission and slammed him into the mat with ease.

A slugfest would come when both got to their feet, Theory losing and big with an atomic drop and bionic elbow. The running splash would hit this time, and the Jagged Edge would put him down for a two count. Theory countered a suplex but his back gave way midway through a backdrop, the damage piling up.

He’d find the gusto to hit a rolling blockbuster, getting a two count. Theory would try to lift Reed for the ATL, not getting the big man up and collapsing. Reed would go high for the Tsunami Splash, and win this one, which was competitive in the end.

Theory is the future of WWE, but Reed might be the present. Should Bronson Reed enter the NXT Championship picture soon, or is destined to be our next North American Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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