NXT Super Tuesday Results: Bronson Reed vs. Timothy Thatcher

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NXT Super Tuesday Results: Bronson Reed vs. Timothy Thatcher

We have a new NXT North American Champion in Damien Priest, but he already has a group of challengers wanting the gold for themselves. One is Bronson Reed, a man who came close to winning the ladder match at Takeover XXX many times, but came up short. Another is Timothy Thatcher, who lost a match to Finn Balor at the event, but is still ready to tear some arms off to be recognized as a champion in NXT. These two will meet one on one this week on NXT, and whoever wins could be first to get a crack at Damien Priest.

Bronson Reed Has The Power Advantage

Thatcher would go for an arm early, only to be thrown off by the powerhouse that is Reed. He’d try another submission, and be shoved into the ropes for a break. This wouldn’t be a clean break, and Thatcher would throw an uppercut his way and they’d throw hands in the middle of the ring, but it was a mismatch.

Reed would get the upper hand by just running into Thatcher, but Thatcher would kick from the ground before being hit with a big running senton. Thatcher would get back to his feet, and while he’d dodge the first lariat? Reed came right back for another one.

However, Thatcher noticed Reed favouring his left wrist, and now had a target to tear apart in this match. He’d go for the wrist, but Reed broke out and knocked Thatcher down with a rolling forearm. A springboard elbow drop would send him running for cover on the outside, before Reed dove to the outside onto him.

Timothy Thatcher Gets Some Help From An Unlikely Source

Thatcher would be thrown back into the ring, and while Reed tried to adjust his elbow, Austin Theory would run in from behind with a bulldog and send him into the ring. Reed would be trapped right into a cross armbar by Thatcher. He’d manage to fight out briefly, but just wind up in an even more dangerous hold of the Fujiwara Armbar. At that moment, Reed could either tap, or his arm would snap.

This is a big win for Timothy Thatcher, but you have to give a huge assist to Austin Theory. He got in the face of Reed last week, and got slapped down for his troubles. Now, he’s cost Reed a match that could have gotten him a title match? He’s going to quickly learn this was a mistake. NXT doesn’t slack on getting these matches made, so we can expect to see Theory back in the ring next week.

Will Timothy Thatcher get a shot at the NXT North American Championship match after this win? Does Austin Theory have a chance of beating Bronson Reed? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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