Ohio Valley Wrestling Results (9/21) – “OVW 1100 Aftermath”

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Ohio Valley Wrestling Results (9/21) – “OVW 1100 Aftermath”

Hello and welcome to Ohio Valley Wrestling Results! We’ve been waiting for this episode after last week’s 1100 episode, so let’s get right into the thick of things.

Nothing like starting things off with a bang  between a former multiple time champion, Dapper Dan, with one of the best young talents in the company, and former Green Beret, Roman Rozell.

Roman Rozell Defeated Dapper by submission after locking in his Patriot’s Wheel

Dapper Dan had the size advantage and pummeled Roman Rozell after gaining the advantage by hanging him up on the ropes.

Rozell used his speed to stay alive, and kicked out of a Dapper Death Driver to everyone’s surprise.

Dad tried to hit it again, but Rozell fought out of this and locked in the Patriot’s wheel for the win to continue his undefeated streak.

Dustin Jackson Defeated Jay Bradley (w/Dimes) by pinfall after hitting a big splash off the top rope Jackson

It’s hilarious how Dimes continually annoys Jay Bradley, who is supposed to be Dime’s insurance policy. This relationship won’t end well for Dimes. We’re calling it now.

Bradley started off dominating Jackson, but Jackson fought back and took the momentum until Dimes distracted him.

Jackson tried to take control after Bradley telegraphed a backdrop and hit with a gut wrench suplex, but he couldn’t get Bradley up. Bradley then hit with a one-armed power bomb.

Dimes interfered one time too many and was sent back to the locker room, which gave Jackson a chance to regroup and go on the attack.

Jackson whittled Bradley down and his with his big splash off the top rope for the win

Tony Gunn eats his words

Tony Gunn came out in an unscheduled appearance to share his thoughts on how he defeated Brian Pillman Jr. last week.

He said that ever since he defeated Pillman, he’s declaring himself the best champion OVW has ever had.

He even pulled out a list of the opponents he’s defeated, including an Impact Wrestling ring by spitting in it. More than a few of the names are suspect.

He concluded with Pillman Jr., which, of course, signaled Pillman Jr.’s entrance.

PIllman Jr. started with asking how many lies can he spew in OVW’s sacred ring. He called Gunn out on him not beating Tommy Dreamer or Jerry Lawler.

Pillman Jr. then corrected him in that he didn’t defeat him, but bit him below the belt.

Gunn’s defense is he won because he’s still the champion.

Gunn claimed he was the bigger person and would step away, then took a swing at Pillman Jr.

Pillman Jr. sent him out of the ring with one punch and Gunn slipped away.

Brandon Tate Defeated “The Supernatural” Tony Bizo by pinfall after rolling him up

This match came about after Bizo’s crossbody on one of the Tate Twins last week that cost them the match.

Tate’s athleticism gave Bizo some fits, but Bizo’s size and strength were the difference early on as Tat’s strikes had little to no effect.

Tate’s quickness gave him a chance to stay in the match and get some more shots on Bizo to stay alive.

Tate countered a clothesline into a roll up bridging pin.

Gustavo Defeated Omar Amir by pin after hitting his neckbreaker

Ohio Valley Wrestling Results have been looking forward to this one since it was OVW’s Match of the Week.

Omar was all smiles and happy heading to the ring, but that disappeared and he attacked Gustavo from behind to start it off.

Omar dominated throughout, but Gustavo hit with a his neckbreaker for the pin.

Amon’s Anarchy Championship

Amon appeared with Ms. Marvelous and cut a promo saying that the most dangerous man is the one with nothing left to lose, but he only has one thing worth living for, and he’ll protect it with his life.

OVW Women’s Championship conundrum

After winning last week’s 5 way scramble match against some of the best women in the company, Kayla Kassidy was summoned out to the ring but didn’t come out the first time.

The second time, Madison Rayne came out.

Well, she did say a couple of weeks back she’s return.

When Brain asked why she’s there, Rayne mocked Brian and took the belt.

She demanded to know why she was stripped of her title. Did she cheat? No. Did she slap Al Snow? Not yet.

She then went on to say she was the best thing that ever happened to the title.

When asked where was she for OVW 1100 episode, she said she was at home like the rest of the world, and those that competed are idiots.

Brian admitted she was a great champion, and she asked him when was there a moment when anybody pinned her.

OVW Commissioner Dean Hill came out and explained there will be repercussions, legal and otherwise, for what she did there.

Haley J came out and got in Rayne’s face about Rayne beating up Kayla Kassidy in the back.

Rayne refused to hand the title over and his Haley with it, then started beating her up.

Hill called out for help, but they couldn’t keep Rayne away from her. Looks like we have a fun rivalry to look forward to.

This was a fun show and set the stage for some exciting feuds and matches in the future Ohio Valley Wrestling Results are looking forward to.

What did you think, and which was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments below.

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