OVW Results and Recap (9/13) – “OVW 1100”

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Hello and welcome to this week’s OVW Results and Recap!

Thank you for joining us as we share the highlights and thoughts on this week’s episode, “OVW 1100”.

We should be in for some great matches, including Brian Pillman Jr challenging Tony Gunn for the OVW Heavyweight Championship, so let’s get to the show.

The show started with Dean Hill opening things with an older opening from a few years back and then to today as we welcomed us to watch tomorrow’s future right now.

“Mr. PECTacular” Jesse Godderz (w/Shannon the Dude) defeated “The Livewire” KTD via submission

Godderz got himself into some trouble with his posing, but KTD wasn’t able to take advantage of the self-imposed distractions.

Godderz hit with a spinebuster and then Boston crab for the submission win in his first match back.

Eight Man Tag Team Match – Legacy of Brutality (Big Zo, Steve Michaels, Hy-Zaya, and Ca$h Flow w/Josh Ashcraft) defeated The Tate Twins (Brandon Tate and Brent Tate) and The Complete Package (Anthony Catena and Tony Bizo) via pinfall  

The Tate Twins started off hot as they managed to over power Ca$h Flow, and this trend continued as the Complete Package did the same with Big Zo.

LOB fought back, but this was the weakest they’ve looked in a while as the Tate Twins really seemed to have LOB’s number.

Michaels hit Cantena with a splash for the pin after Cantena was accidentally hit with a crossbody by one of the Tate Twins.

After LOB left, the former team disintegrated as Cantena too exception at the mistake.

Brian Pillman Jr.’s attacked by Tony Gunn

Brian PIlman Jr. came out and talked about how his career started in Ohio Valley Wrestling at the Danny Davis Arena.

He added how he travelled to Canada and worked with Lance Storm to perfect his craft, and how he’s honored to be back for his match against Tony Gunn.

He then said how he was honored to face Gunn, but Gunn spit in his face, his father’s, and the Hart Foundation’s face and promised he’s going to show everyone why he’s Bulletproof Brian Pillman Jr.

As Pillman left and his back was to the curtain, Gunn attacked him from behind. A mini brawl started until officials came out to break it up.

Anarchy Championship – Ms. Marvelous defeated “Mr. Marvelous” Melvin Maximus (c) via pinfall; Amon returned and pinned a willing Ms. Marvelous to win the Anarchy Championship.

This is going to be an interesting match after Ms. marvelous manipulated Melvin into this match last week.

Melvin started off trying not to right, while Ms. Marvelous kept pushing and pie facing him. A couple of slaps got his attention, but he still tried not to fight her.

Melvin missed a half-hearted grapple and MS. Marvelous hit him with a low blow for the pin.

After the match, she said that now that she owned the Anarchy title, she called out her next opponent, which happened to be Amon.

Amon came out and slithered into the ring, and he took her hand and laughed. Looks like Melvin never won her soul back from Amon.

Ms. Marvelous laid down in the ring, and Amon pinned her for the pin, then helped her to her feet and the pair left together.

OVW Results and Recap weren’t surprised by this, but it is a pretty cool twist. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

Dustin Jackson defeated Adam Revolver via pinfall

Revolver came out in a full safety suit and a medical snorkel type of mask, but it didn’t stop Dustin Jackson from going after him.

In a match where William Lutz helped Revolver in every interfering way possible, Jackson made some headway and ripped off Revolver’s COVID outfit from top to bottom.

Jackson fought Revolver off the top rope, then hit with a splash for the win.

After the match, Revolver blamed Lutz for his loss, and as they started shoving each other, Ruin came out.

Revolver sacrificed Lutz to a chokeslam so he could get away and barely escaped to the backstage area.

Corey Storm and Rocco Bellagio defeated Jay Bradley and Dimes via pinfall

The addition of Rocco Bellagio, the longest reigning OVW Heavyweight Champion took everyone by surprise.

Bellagio and Bradley squaring off was a thing of beauty as they exchanged power and shots as expected between two greats.

Dimes developed a habit of tagging himself in when Bradley was in control. Not surprising considering they fought over who was in front when they came out for the match,

Storm hit a double stomp on Dimes with Rocco holding him for the win.

Storm got some pride back, and Rocco looked great in his return.

OVW Women’s Championship (Vacant) Scramble Match – Kaley Kasidy defeated Billie Starks (pin), Haley J, Alice Crowley, Becky Idol

Plenty of debuting in OVW’s women’s division for this match, and it looks like it’s going to be a good one.

The ring cleared quickly as they tried to pair off, and control went back and forth.

This was one of the best matches of the night as they pushed some boundaries and showed what they’re capable of as Kayla Kassidy his a springboard DDT on Billie Starkz.

Congratulations on a great debut, unfortunately, Madison Rayne has yet to return the Women’s Championship belt, so this is going to be a fun storyline going forward.

Roman Rozell defeated Manny Lemons via submission

An interesting note- Manny Lemons is from Devotion Championship Wrestling. A referee aso came from that promotion, offering some great cross promotion.

Lemons brought lemons to the ring and used them to gain an advantage on Rozell, but Rozell locked in the Patriot’s Wheel for the submission.

Rozell’s been on a good run, extending his record to 4-0.

Al Snow announces a new title

Al Snow was in the ring and shared his appreciation to the fans in attendance for coming to the 1100th consecutive OVW show.

He talked about the history over the 30 years of OVW’s history and how he’s proud of what they’ve accomplished thanks to the support of the fans.

He added his accomplishments of OVW becoming the first accredited wrestling school for broadcasting and that they’re being broadcast to 220 countries thanks to Amazon Fire, Amazon Prime, and Roku.

Thanks to that expansion and being in 44 million homes across the United States, he announced that they’re added a new title — OVW National Heavyweight Championship.

He announced they will hold a tournament for the new National Heavyweight Championship and it’s open to everyone around the rold.

He added that the OVW Heavyweight Champion will automatically be the number one contender for the National Heavyweight Championship.

This is awesome news, and we’re sure there’ll be a unification or retirement match at some point for the Heavyweight Championship.

OVW Heavyweight Championship – Brian Pillma Jr. defeated Tony Gunn (c) by disqualification, which allowed Gunn to retain the championship

This has so much potential to be a great match; OVW Results and Recap can’t wait to see it.

Pillman took it to Gunn right away, and the match quickly became a brawl in the ring more along the lines of a MMA match than wrestling.

When the wrestling did enter into it, they were evenly matched and it really allowed them to who what they can do and elevated the show.

Pillman seemed to injure his left leg, and Gunn took advantage of it and focused on Pillman’s leg.

Pillman showed his heart as he continued to fight and the two stood exhausted in the ring, exchanging blows.

Gunn his the Kill Shot, but Pillman rolled out of the ring before Gunn could pin him.

Pillman hit with his M-1 Grand, but was unable to follow through, but he caught his second wind and pounded Gunn in the corner, but Gunn hit him with a low blow to lose by disqualification.

This ending was totally unexpected, but it’s a good one as Gunn stays the OVW heavyweight Champion and Pillman can compete for the OVW National Heavyweight Championship.

OVW Results and Recap are sure we’re going to see these two go at it again.

What’d you think of the show? Let us know in the comments below, and OVW Results and Recap will see you next time.

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