OVW TV 1102 Results (9/27) – “Championship Aspirations”

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OVW TV 1102 Results (9/27) – “Championship Aspirations”

OVW TV 1102 Results are here and ready to go with another recap.

This looks like it’s going to be a fun episode after last week, so let’s get things started.

We start off the first OVW TV episode back n the Davis Arena in six months with Al Snow saying how OVW is expanding at an exponential rate, and presented the OVW National Heavyweight Championship.

Tonight is the one night 4 man tournament for the last slot into next week’s 20 man rumble (battle royal) for the OVW National Heavyweight Championship.

National Heavyweight Tournament Round One – Dustin Jackson defeated “The Golden Boy” AJZ by pinfall

They were evenly matched athletically early on as they exchanged holds and offensive attacks.

After being in a Boston Crab for over a minute, AJZ hit with a springboard DDT for a near pinfall and continued the onslaught, but Jackson hut a Dust Buster and splash off the top rope for the win.

This was a good match to get things started.

After the match, Jackson gave an impassioned interview about his chances to win the OVW National Heavyweight Championship.

National Heavyweight Tournament Round One – Luscious Lawrence (w/Dillon McQueen) defeated Roman Rozell by pinfall

Rozell started it off with a vicious attack, including four straight backdrops after Lawrence cost him his OVW Heavyweight Championship chance against Tony Gunn last week.

Lawrence turned the tide with a knee to the nether region to get out of a camel clutch, and got the win thanks to some interference from McQueen that allowed him to hit a running powerslam for the win.

Things are heating up, and OVW TV 1102 Results can’t wait to see what happens next.

OVW Women’s Championship Fatal Five Way Match – Mazzerati defeated Haley J (pin), Serena Deeb, Joseline Navarro, Sarah Rebel by pinfall

OVW continues to build their women’s division by given newcomers a chance, such as Serena Deeb making her OVW debut, and it’s getting exciting.

This match quickly became a match between Sarah Rebel and Mazzarati at various times.

A five woman powerbomb off the top rope was a cool sight, postponing one on one confrontations for a time.

Mazzerati hit a northern lights suplex on Haley J to wint the OVW Women’s Championship.

Amon’s challenge

Amon cut a promo with Ms. Marvelous, challenging Melvin Maximus or anyone else to come after the Anarchy Championship.

National Heavyweight Tournament Finals – Dustin Jackson defeated Luscious Lawrence (w/Dillon McQueen) by pinfall

A fun exchange of “sexiness” between the two started tings off with a brief laugh as the match heated up.

Jackson started off hot, but Lawrence took control after throwing Dustin off the top rope, with special thanks to McQueen.

Luscious Lawrence brought to mind the great Rick Rude with his solid performance and super heelness.

Jackson turned the momentum around with a dropkick, and climbed to the top rope again, and Lawrence caught him in a German suplex, and followed it with a blockbuster off the top rope.

Jackson hit with a dropick, sending Lawrence out o the ring, and took Lawrence out with a leap off the top rope to the floor.

McQueen distracted Jackson, but Jackson sidestepped a charge by Lawrence, and hit with a big boot and splash for the win.

Jackson locked in the final spot in next week’s 20 man battle royal for the new OVW National Heavyweight Championship.

This was a fun show with some good matches, leaving OVW TV 1102 Results wanting more.

Al Snow is building something special, and we’re loving every minute of it. What do you think of th episode? Let us know your thoughts below.

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