Rey Mysterio Set To Be Out Of Action For Two Months

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Rey Mysterio Set To Be Out Of Action For Two Months

At WWE Payback, the best match on the card was that of Rey & Dominik Mysterio facing Seth Rollins & Murphy. It was a fast paced affair with lots of storytelling, but somewhere along the line, there was an injury. Rey Mysterio is out of action with a partially torn tricep.

Timetable Puts Him Back In Two Months, Instead Of Eight

Things initially looked grim for Mysterio, as this injury could have taken him out for eight months had it required surgery. That is not looking like the case, so we should see Mysterio back by late October, early November.

Having just started a partnership with his son, this is tragic timing for an injury, especially given how hot the storyline with Rollins has been. However, Mysterio might be back in time for a major blowoff in a proper feud ending match.

Rey Mysterio Could Be Back By Hell In A Cell

Following Clash of Champions in late September, the next WWE PPV comes on November 1st. This is currently set to be Hell in A Cell, which the bar is currently set very low for. The previous two Hell in a Cell matches ended in a disqualification, and took place in rushed feuds. Rollins was involved in the last one against The Fiend, a match which really harmed the mystique of the match.

Should Rey Mysterio be healthy in time, they can finally end their feud in Hell in A Cell. Given their insane chemistry in the ring, Rollins would also be able to redeem 2019’s horrible showing, and they’d be able to tell an excellent story using the structure.

It’s a match Mysterio has somehow never been in during his time in WWE as well, and given how innovative he can be? He’d be able to pull off some truly special moves.

If Mysterio isn’t healthy come November 1st, which is quite the rush, we will likely instead see the WWE or Universal Championships defended in the structure. Hell in A Cell is still a ways off, and we needs to get through Clash Of Champions first before the card becomes clear.

Do you think Rey Mysterio will be back in time for Hell in A Cell? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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