Ring Of Honor Pure Championship Tournament: Delirious vs. Matt Sydal

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On paper, a match between Delirious & Matt Sydal doesn’t seem too exciting, but these two men have a deep history with each other. They trained together, had some of their first matches against each other 20 years ago, and made their ROH debut together in 2004. It’s Matt Sydal & Delirious, and only one of them can make it to the next round of action.

Sydal is known as a high flyer, but he was an ace amateur wrestling and trained in martial arts, though a foot injury slowed him down in recent years. Delirious is a wildcard at the best of times, but Sydal will bring out the best in him for sure. He’s unpredictable, a master of many styles, and a truly different breed of wrestler. They know each other better than anyone else, and are going to put on a clinic in their own way.

Delirious Has Never Looked Better

After six months away from the ring, Delirious has never looked better. Some put on twenty pounds of fat during quarantine, Delirious got shredded. Code of Honor would be adhered too, and Delirious would dive in for a double leg takedown the second the bell rang.

Sydal would fight this off, and have to outwerstle his old friend. Delirious would get Sydal on the mat and lock in a submission, but Sydal got out without much issue. Sydal would apply a key hold and head scissor, but Delirious breaks out with ease.

A headlock takeover and Delirious would flow right to the leg, trying to shut down the high flying offense before it comes. Sydal fought up and hit a shoulder tackle, but Delirious had the leg again before he knew it. He’d fight the madman off, and wrestle him down to the mat with a side headlock.

Delirious would counter out with a headscissors, but be dropped with an armdrag before being tied up with a muffler stretch before Sydal moved into a high hammerlock, grinding Delirious down.

Matt Sydal Doesn’t Slip Again

Delirious would use his first rope break, but in a unique manner. He’d climb up the turnbuckle and snap the arm of Sydal over the top rope, and then get back into the ring to attack the shoulder. Delirious knows Sydals history of shoulder injuries, and finally found his true target as we go to a commercial break.

Sydal forced Delirious to use his second rope break during the break, using a half crab, only to lose control of the match. Delirious would apply a short arm scissor lock, but Sydal rolled him into a pinfall. Back on their feet, they’d go for some heavy strikes, before a double clothesline took both men down.

Delirious would look for another lariat, but would be caught flush under the chin without another knee strike. He’d buckle and fall, but kick out at two, and then be hit by a standing moonsault, Delirious knees still under his torso crushing them.

Sydal would kick him in the head, but Delirious countered a pinfall attempt into a cobra clutch, turning this into a suplex. Delirious would lock the clutch in again in the middle of the ring, but Sydal counted into a pinfall getting a two count. Sydal locked in the finishing choke of Delirious, making his friend tap out instantly, knowing he was too far from the ropes to escape.

This was probably Delirious’s best match in years, showing how much a good opponent can help you in the end. Sydal moves on, and will face Jonathan Gresham in Round 2. Can he beat The Octopus? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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