Roman Reigns Has A New Theme Song & Look Coming Soon

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Roman Reigns Has A New Theme Song & Look Coming Soon

Ever since the first breakup of The Shield, fans have been waiting for Roman Reigns to get his own theme song & a new look. He’s been using his own version of the faction’s song for years, and has kept a version of their combat vest as well. However, times are changing and so is the look of Roman Reigns, according to the man himself.

Roman Reigns Dropped Some Information In A Zoom Call With Fans

After ManiaClub did a raffle where fans could make a $150 donation to ConnorsCure, with ten lucky fans getting a digital meet and greet with the Tribal Chief himself. One of these fans would share some of the information Reigns would provide, which are some hopeful tidbits if nothing else.

Firstly, he mentioned he has a new theme song picked out and ready to go, simply waiting for when the time is right. The old Shield theme has run its course, and even Reigns knows this to be true, despite it being a magnet for booing fans at this point, without The Shield intro proceeding it.

Secondly, Reigns reveals a change of gear is coming too. He got in stellar shape during his time away from WWE, and has done away with the vest, wrestling his matches in a T-Shirt, but even that will be going soon. Reigns intends to keep the long pants, but to start wrestling shirtless soon.

He’d also urge fans to let his storyline with Heyman play out on Smackdown, as he and Heyman are in charge of it and have some big things planned, citing a mafia like approach coming. Finally, he’d send a warning to Retribution, saying they have a long way to go.

Some Welcome Changes

Since his return, Reigns has done a good job of setting down the foundation for a good top heel run, but there is a lot of work to be done. A fresh new look and some new music will do wonders for him, and you can’t help but be excited to see what he has planned for Sunday with his cousin Jey Uso. It’s not a main event match anyone expected, but their chemistry goes way back, and we could be in for something special.

Are you excited to see Reigns’ new look and hear his new music once everything is ready? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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