Roman Reigns Reveals His NXT Dream Opponent

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Roman Reigns Reveals His NXT Dream Opponent

After some months away from WWE, Roman Reigns didn’t take long to get back to the top of the WWE mountain. He’s already regained the WWE Universal Championship, and is about to main event another PPV, this time against his cousin, Jey Uso. Being a champion puts a large target on a man’s back, and Reigns is ready to face the best WWE has to offer, including NXT.

He would recently speak with Mania Club, who also organized the raffle that led to his zoom call with ten lucky fans. While speaking with Mania Club, Reigns revealed who his current dream match from the NXT roster would be.

Roman Reigns Wants To Face Adam Cole

It’s hard to ignore the depth of the current NXT roster, but Reigns has already beaten the current NXT Champion, Finn Balor, making this a harder question than usual.

“I think I gave a little bit of love to Keith Lee, but he’s not NXT anymore since he made his debut on RAW. There’s a lot of really good talent there. I think, especially when we get back to a situation where we have a live crowd, I’d like to maybe tangle with Adam Cole. I think that would be neat, we’d get a really good reaction.”

Cole is of course, the leader of the Undisputed Era and the man who holds the record for longest reign as NXT Champion at 396 days. He recently faced Pat McAfee at NXT Takeover XXX, and had two chances to reclaim the recently vacant NXT Champion, before falling to Balor. Reigns has been keeping his eye on Cole, and enjoyed the match with McAfee.

Cole Is The Perfect Opponent For Reigns

As we will be reminded of this Sunday at Clash Of Champions, Reigns works best with opponents who are more agile than him in the ring. Men like AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor and more bring out the best in Reigns, and Cole would do just that. Reigns needs someone who can drive home how powerful he is, while also having someone to test his technique along the way.

A match between Reigns & Cole in front of a hot crowd with minimal interference would be a match of the year contender in any year, and hopefully one we don’t have to wait too long for. Who would win if Cole met Reigns in the ring? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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