The Rock Is Making His Impact Wrestling Debut

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On October 24, the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) will make his Impact Wrestling debut. Well, not really, he will only have a cameo on Impact. This was his first time appearing on another wrestling show for 35 years.

It’s very unlikely that he will be wrestling or even in the building. Him being on the show though is pretty big and could be a massive rating draw. His appearance will take on the Bound for Glory PPV. 

How did this come about? 

This is happening because Shamrock wanted the Rock to induct him into the Impact Hall of Fame. He asked over Twitter saying that his matches with the Rock were some of his best. This ended up with the Rock responding that he wanted to do this.

So it is very unlikely that the Rock will be there in person. It’s very likely that he will appear in a video message and talk about his great matches with Shamrock. It would be a massive shock if he did appear on Impact in person. 

Will we ever see The Rock on a wrestling show wrestling again? 

There are really only two reasons that the Rock could return to wrestling a match. If he wants to promote his new XFL company. Or it will be a match up against his cousin Roman Reigns. He would have matched Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania. The Rock did mention that he would want to lose this match.

So if this does ever happen, we already know the ending but seeing the Rock Vs. Roman Reigns could really be the true passing of the torch. It could also be the start of something new in WWE if this happens. The true end of the old, the true beginning of a new generation of wrestlers.  

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