What Is The Future Of Joey Janela In AEW?

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Right now, Joey Janela has dropped ten matches on AEW Dynamite this year. He’s gotten wins on AEW Dark, and even got a win over Serpentico at All Out’s Buy In, but can’t get a win on their flagship show. This brings up a question of what his future in AEW actually is?

Joey Janela Feels Like A Glorified Jobber To Some

Janela is the type of wrestler that is able to bring out the best in anyone, similar to that of Dolph Ziggler. He can have good matches with anyone, and his tag team with Sonny Kiss is showing some potential for success. Janela also has an incredible mind for the wrestling business, shown by his booking for Game Changer Wrestling.

GCW is one of the biggest indies on the market right now, and that popularity was sprung by the success of the first ever Spring Break show, which was booked by Joey Janela. This has given him a deep web of indy contacts and connections to pull from, friends to call to fill spots in shows, and the respect of men who he gave exposure to.

He’s become close with Tony Khan, and is good friends with The Young Bucks. This could be a hint at his future with AEW.

Janela Could End Up In A Future Management Role

There is a section of fans who feel Janela would be let go from AEW before long, but it feels more like he’s destined to earn a behind the scenes role in the company. He’s someone who has his finger on the pulse of who is the future of wrestling like Jungle Boy, and someone who is able to find the men who are ready to return to prominence, like PCO.

Janela might be able to win a championship or two through his time in AEW, continue to work on the indies, and then put his incredible mind to use for AEW. His future might not seem as bright as someone like Kenny Omega, but he’s ready to make his talents known in time. He’s got potential that are easily missed at a glance, but could be incredibly important.

Do you see a bright future with Janela in AEW? Will he be given the booking reigns in the future? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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