WWE NXT Results: Austin Theory vs. Damien Priest

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WWE NXT Results: Austin Theory vs. Damien Priest

At NXT Takeover, Damien Priest will defend his NXT North American Championship against Johnny Gargano. Tonight though, he has a tune up match against Austin Theory. Theory hasn’t had the best win-loss record, and he’ll be hard pressed to beat Priest, but a win here might make that NXT North American Championship match into a triple threat.

Austin Theory Finds His Opening

This match would start with some chain wrestling like most NXT matches, with Priest proving to be better than Theory in this aspect. Theory would need to cut Priest down to size, easier said than done. Priest would last through some big elbows, and grab Theory to set up Old School, coming down with a crossbody.

Theory would find himself in the middle of the ring in a hold, and fight out and get a chance to take control of Priest. A belly to back suplex would get a one count, and a big clothesline dropped Priest. Theory hit a perfect standing moonsault, getting a two count, and set up the ATL before eating a bell clap from Priest.

An elevated flatliner would send Theory face first into the mat, and go for the springboard kick, being shoved out of the ring as this one went to a commercial break. Coming back, Theory was in control and hit a rolling dropkick to the face of Priest, getting a two count and getting the champion in a submission.

This Match Is Over When Damien Priest Says It’s Over

Priest fought free and absorbed a chop, and got fired up. He’d toss Theory into the middle of the ring with a Falcon Arrow. Theory dodged a back elbow attempt, and set Priest up for a Torture Rack into a Blue Thunder Bomb, but only got a two count, then Priest rolled out of the ring.

Theory would come after him, only to get hit with the Razors Edge on the apron. Back in the ring, Priest hits the Reckoning and puts Theory away. This one was close at points, but Damien Priest is on the run of his career.

Johnny Gargano won’t make it easy for Priest at Takeover, will Priest remain champion? Will we see Gargano become the first ever two time NXT North American Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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