WWE NXT Results: Jake Atlas vs. Tommaso Ciampa

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WWE NXT Results: Jake Atlas vs. Tommaso Ciampa

In his return match to NXT TV, Tommaso Ciampa sent a message to the locker room, using Jake Atlas to do it. The match ended in quick fashion, and following it Atlas would be slingshotted into the support beams under the ring, but now he’s back. Atlas wants revenge, and Ciampa never turns down a fight.

Jake Atlas Came Ready To Fight

After being brutalized by Ciampa once, Atlas knew what to expect this time around. They would lock up, with Ciampa getting the upper hand, but Atlas would come back with some intense strikes, before being dropped by a forearm smash. Ciampa went for Willows Bell early, but Atlas made his way to the outside.

Atlas beat Ciampa on the outside, and tried to slingshot him into the bottom of the ring like Ciampa did to him. The referee stopped this, and back in the ring one lariat from Ciampa shut Atlas down. Atlas had a big flurry out of the gate, and that wouldn’t be stopped yet. He’d launch a big forearm at Ciampa, and hit a dropkick to try to get back into this one, running on passion and anger.

No One Survives Tommaso Ciampa

A heavy pump kick to the face of Ciampa stunned him, and Atlas tried to set up the Rainbow DDT, Ciampa evading to the outside. Atlas went for a moonsault off the apron, connecting on Ciampa, then throwing him back into the ring. A flying blockbuster would be followed by an attempt at the Rainbow DDT, but Ciampa countered. Willows Bell would be hit, and Ciampa had the win, but he let the pin go.

Ciampa was looking to send a message, and would hit the modified Fairy Tail ending to put away Atlas for good in this one. Atlas looked good, but he’s not on the level of Ciampa yet. Ciampa called out Kyle O’Reilly who saved Atlas last week, planting further seeds for a match down the line.

Were you impressed by Jake Atlas tonight? Do you want to see Kyle O’Reilly teach Tommaso Ciampa a lesson? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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