WWE NXT Results: Ridge Holland vs. Antonio De Luca

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WWE NXT Results: Ridge Holland vs. Antonio De Luca

Ridge Holland is one of the biggest potential stars in NXT right now. He outgrew NXT UK, and this proper heavyweight is ready to take NXT by storm. He’s not a sneaky agile man like Keith Lee or Dominic Dijakovic, just a brusier who’ll send you across the ring before you know it. Ridge Holland has already taken men like Johnny Gargano to their limits, and tonight he’d be in action against Antonio De Luca. Would they stand a chance against Holland, or be beaten in mere moments?

De Luca Didn’t Stand A Chance

De Luca would waste no time rushing into Holland with some big forearms, bouncing off the former rugby player. He’d be launched across the ring, and then once Holland got his hands back on him? A huge belly to belly suplex would send De Luca flying again and again.

De Luca took refuge in the corner, and would be battered with Hollands skull. One Northern Grit driver later and this one was over before it even really got started. It’s been a while since NXT had someone this dominant, this eclipsing the aggression of even Karrion Kross.

Ridge Holland Is Set For Huge Things In NXT

It’s becoming clear that Holland won’t be spending too long in NXT, but his time on the brand will be marked by a trail of bodies. He could easily become a contender for either the NXT North American or NXT Championships following NXT Takeover.

Squash matches against the likes of De Luca are fine, and he’s shown that he can even go toe to toe with the likes of NXT UK Champion WALTER, who needed help to put Holland away. He’s been marked as the ‘Next Big Thing’ backstage, and it’s only a matter of time before he’s the current big thing in WWE.

Do you see big things in the future of his absolute unit of a man? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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