WWE NXT UK Results: Aoife Valkyrie vs. Isla Dawn

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Before NXT UK shut down, Aoife Valkyrie & Isla Dawn were two women who were quickly climbing the ranks in the Women’s division. Both are potentially future NXT UK Women’s Champions, but on this return episode of NXT UK, they would clash. Valkyrie won their last encounter, but did Dawn learn from that loss and push forward?

Isla Dawn Studied Her Past Failure

It’s hard to not be put back by the incredible entrance of Valkyrie, but Dawn was able to successfully lock up with Valkyrie right out of the gate. She knows that falling into the pageantry of Valkyrie is a quick way to lose. Valkyrie would grab a headlock, be shoved off, slip through the legs and grab the headlock again.

Dawn would counter out with a headscissors, forcing Valkyrie to fight out, only to end up in a headlock. She would be pushed off, and try to knock Valkyrie down, only to be hit with a spinning wheel kick and get knocked down herself.

Dawn was not phased by this, and would grab an arm only for Valkyrie to escape. Valkyrie would hit a springboard crossbody off the middle rope, and grab another headlock, taking Dawn to the mat. Dawn would fight up, and shove Valkyrie to the corner and rush after. This would lead to Valkyrie getting on the shoulders of Dawn, hitting a frankensteiner of sorts.

Dawn would take refuge in the ropes, luring Valkyrie in for a kick to the chest and a backdrop driver. A chinlock would be applied, and Dawn started to get nasty with her offense, really grinding Valkyrie down and stretching her with submissions, even looking for a crossface chickenwing at one point.

Aofie Valkyrie Fights Back With All Her Heart

Valkyrie wouldn’t give up, that’s not the type of wrestler she is. She fought out of the arm lock by flipping over and giving Dawn an upward Mule Kick. Dawn would send a kick in, Valkyrie grabbed this and hit a kick of her down, sending Dawn to the ropes. A flurry of strikes would bater Dawn, and a running neckbreaker got a two count.

Valkyrie tried for a PK, but Dawn dodged and got a rollup for a two count. Dawn would try to throw Valkyrie out of the ring, but she bounced off the bottom rope, and used the momentum to come back with a kick to the stomach.

Valkyrie would ascend to the top rope, and hit her diving legdrop to the back of the neck, and Isla Dawn has now lost two matches to Aoife Valkyrie.

Whoever wins the NXT UK Women’s Championship match next week, needs to watch out Aoife Valkyrie, she is a future champion, it’s just a matter of when. Do you see Valkyrie being a champion in 2021? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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