WWE Raw Live Results (9/28)

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Hello and welcome to WWE Raw Live Results!

This looks like an interesting show as WWE Raw Live Results ushers in the Clash of Champions aftermath, and with the WWE Draft two weeks away, it should be fun.

I’m you’re host, CP Bialois, and we’ll be all set to get things going at showtime at 8 p.m. EST.

Segment 1

Ric Flair, Big Show, Christain, and Shawn Michaels came out to welcome us to Monday Night Raw.

After a brief love fest, Orton interupted saying he will have a rematch.

McIntyre then issued an open challenge to anyone he hasn’t defened against to challenge him tonight. WWE Raw Live Results is thinking it’ll be Keith Lee. Who do you think?

Segment 2

Raw Women’s Championship – Asuka (c) vs. Zelina Vega

This started off as a pretty good match before heading to commerical.

Segment 3

Vega had a really good showing and nearly won, but eventually tapped out to the Asuka Lock.

Segment 4

Andrade badmouthed Vega, calling her the weak link and issued his own open challenge, this Keith Lee accepted. Guess he’s not going to challenge McIntyre afterall.

Andrade vs. Keith Lee

Andrade controled most of the match when a seemingly out Keith Lee suddenly popped him up for a Spirit Bomb.

Not a bad match, but the ending, well…

Segment 5

Some 24/7 CHampionship hijinks as Akira Tozawa appeared and pinned R-Truth, then Drew Gulak (dressed as a ninja) pinned Tozawa, and R-Truth pinned Gulak. 

Oh, there’s a 24/7 Championship Triple Threat Match between the three of them later tonight.

Seth Rollins approached Murphy backstage and sent him to put on his suit, then pocketed Murphy’s phone he let behind.

Segment 6

The King’s Court featuring Jerry “The King” Lawler and the Mysterio Family

Rollins interupted the interview through the titantron to share text messages between Aaliyah and Murphy.

Aaliyah left the ring. Backstage, Murphy confronted Rollins and was about to attack him when Dominik attacked Murphy.

Anyne else getting Triple H and Stephanie McMahon vibes here?

Segment 7

Natalya and Lana vs. Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke

This was a fast but good match as Rose hit Lana witha double knee for the win.

Dana Brooke was a surprise appearance, but they worked well together and they should be a good team going forward.

Aleister Black cut a promo about his feelings on Kevin Owens failing to be there when he was injured and revealed his injured eye is all black.

Segment 8

Aleister Black vs. Kevin Owens

Black came out to a new entrance and a far more aggressive manner that’s cool but we’re unsure if we like it or not. Defintiely something to keep watching.

The match was more of a brawl than anything, and it was even as we headed to commercial.

Segment 9

Owens won the best match of the night so far by disqualification when Black hit the referee. Owens then hit a stunner after the match to ensure it ended there.

Segment 10

24/7 Championship Triple Threat Match – R-Truth (c) vs. Drew Gulak vs. Akira Tozawa

R-Truth won after surviving a berrage from  Gulak and Tozawa, makng this the best 24/7 match we’ve seen yet by far.

Segment 11

Dominik Mysterio vs. Murphy

This was one of the most brutal matches of the night, but Dominik was distracted by his sister when he tried to use a kendo stick on Murphy.

Murphy rolled him up for a pin. Dominik then called Aaliyah naive and she slapped him.

Segment 12

Dolph Ziggler wanted to talk to Adam Pearce about someone to face McIntyre. Possibly Robert Roode to rehash their Impact Wrestlng days?

The Hurt Business (MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Shelton Benjamin) vs. Apollo Crews, Ricochet, and Mustafa Ali

This became a braw before the match started, but the Hurt Business stood back to back in the ring when the lights flickered and Retribution appreared on the screens.

Segment 13

No Retribution, which isn’t a surprise given it’s been reported they’re all in isolationd espite testign negative for Covid.

This was a fun match that Ali won with a 450 splash on MVP for the pin.

Segment 14

Previously recorded promos for Bianca Belair and Retribution played.

Looks like we’ll find out who Drew McIntyre will face after the commerical break.

Segment 15

WWE Championship Open Challenge – Drew McIntyre (c) vs Robert Roode

This started out pretty good as Roode worked on McIntyre’s leg, and McIntyre his an Alabama Slam on the ring apron as we headed to commerical.

Segment 16

McIntyre hit with a Claymore to win one of the best matches of the night. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of this duo in the future.

A cleaning man with a mask that MVP threw a can at earlier was revealed to be Randy Orton.

Using nightvision goggles, he entered the Legend’s Lounge, turned out the lights, and wrecked everyone before leaving unnoticed before help arrived.

Overall, this was a pretty good show and we didn’t miss Retribution or Raw Underground. We mentioned the isolation rumors for the former earlier, but why wasn’t there a Raw Underground?

What do you think of the show? Let us know below in the comments, and thank you for joinign WWE Raw Live Results.

We had fun and look forward to seeing you next time. Until then, have a good one.

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