WWE Raw Results (9/14) – Raw Women’s Championship – Asuka (c) Defeated Mickie James; Bobby Lashley Defeated Erik

James was determined unable to continue after being the Asuka Lock; Lashley made Erik tap out to his full nelson

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WWE Raw Results headed backstage to where Mickie James came in for an interview and when asked what fuels her, she said she loves every part of the business, including the high stakes competition and what it brings out of her.

She added that with age comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes clarity and that she knows she’s always had what it takes to be the Raw Women’s Champion, and this could be her last chance to win it.

Elsewhere backstage, Pearce was asking his security team why they can’t do their job each week, and was approached by MVP.

MVP said that he knows that Pearce’s job is on the line, and he offered the Hurt Business as the new security team with a “let us help you keep your job.”

When Pearce thanked them for volunteering, the Hurt Business laughed and said they don’t do charity work.

Raw Women’s Championship – Asuka (c) vs. Micki James

The match started with a fast lockup as they jockeyed for position, including a pair of pin attempts each.

James attempted a rollup, and then a double leg take down for another pin attempt.

James managed to avoid the Asuka Lock, but then found herself in a headlock.

Asuka hit with a shoulder block, and James hit with a neck breaker and followed it with a pin attempt.

James then locked Asuka in a reverse chinlock, but Asuka fought out of it, and they continued countering each other off the rope.

Asuka caught her with a knee off the ropes for another near pinfall.

Asuka missed with a hip attack and James hit with a spinning kick, but Asuka fell out of the ring and James plopped on her back in the ring as we headed to commercial.

James gives it her all

We returned with both women in the ring, exchanging blows on their knees as they fought to their feet.

James locked in a chicken wing, but Asuka backed her into a corner, then charged.

James countered all three of Asuka’s charged with a boot, reverse elbow, and hurricanrana.

Asuka then hit a hip attack in the middle of the ring, but James hit with a face plant, then kicked up.

James climbed to the top rope but Asuka caught her, James knocked Asuka off the ropes then hit a sitting splash for a pin attempt Asuka reversed, but James kicked out.

They ducked each others best strikes, but Asuka hit with a reverse lariat elbow, then landed a handful of kicked.

James caught Asuka’s last kick and rolled her into a single crab.

Asuka early made it to the ropes, but James pulled her to the middle of the ring, and Asuka rolled her up for a near pinfall.

James hit with a spinning kick, but Asuka grabbed the ropes to break the pin attempt.

James tried to pick Asuka up, but Asuka rolled her up for a leg lock, but James rolled it into a pin and Asuka kicked out.

After kicking out of another pin attempt, Asuka locked in the Asuka Lock but rolled it over, leading to a confused bell and ruling.

After a brief pause, it was ruled that Micki James couldn’t continue the match, so Asuka won.

Vega’s challenge

Vega came out right away, looking like she was about to challenge Asuka.

Vega grabbed a mic and said she’s been thinking about her future, because she’s wasted some of the best years of her life managing those two “selfish ingrates.”

She called Asuka an ingrate as well, after being handed the Raw Women’s Championship and defends it nilly-willy.

Vega said she’s ready for the title.

Asuka laughed at her, and Vega slapped her, then ducked out of the ring before Asuka could retaliate.

Backstage, Charly Caruso turned her attention to Keith Lee.

She asked is he was excited, and he said this is a moment he spent his whole career for moments like these.

He added that he was honest about not liking McIntyre interfering in his matches, but the WWE Championship is what they’re all going for.

When asked about McIntyre’s injury, Lee said McIntyre is a friend of his and he doesn’t like taking advantage of him, but he’ll do what he must to become the WWE Champion.

Bobby Lashley vs. Erik

MVP took over the announcing duties for Dolph Ziggler.

The match started fast with Lashley attacking Erik and pummeling him in the corner, then hitting with a shoulder block.

Erik fought out of the corner, then caught Lashley with a reverse elbow and a pair of knees.

Lashley kicked out of the pin attempt, and then caught Erik off the ropes with a slam and gut wrench slam for a near pinfall.

Lashley locked in his full nelson, and Erik tapped out.

WWE Raw Results switched to the backstage area where Kevin Owens was asked why Aleister Black developed a personal vendetta against him.

He said he didn’t know. Maybe he said something, or he couldn’t find a coupon for his music, or maybe because he spent a year and a half sitting in a dark room waiting for a fight that never came.

Owens then asked he was worried about how he was going to dish out enough punishment that Black will remember what can happen when he picks a fight with Owens.

As Owens walked off, Black appeared and watched him leave.

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