WWE Raw Results (9/4) – Cedric Alexander (w/MVP, Shelton Benjamin, and Bobby Lashley) Defeated Ricochet (w/Apollo Crews)

Alexander hit a Lumbar Check on Ricochet for the pin

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WWE Raw Results were backstage where Angel Garza talked with Lana, and Lana was complaining that she doesn’t understand how Mickie James asked for a title shot and got it, while Natalya is the winningest in history.

Garza listened, then started his charismatic touch when Zelina Vega and Andrade arrived, asking Lana to leave them.

Lana left, and Vega gave him grief for Garza’s incessant need to flirt after running out on Andrade the last two weeks,

Garza interrupted her, saying he’s tired of being blamed for everything when Andrade, the Golden Boy, lost and not him.

Vega had enough and walked off, and Garza and Andrade got into a fight as we headed to commercial.

Hurt Business Update

WWE Raw Results returned from commercial to the Hurt Business heading to the ring. Once in the ring, MVP announced business for the Hurt Business is booming.

After being introduced as an official member of the Hurt Business, Alexander said his social media was full of salty fans crying about what he did.

She said that no one knows what it’s like being him, and being with Ricochet and Apollo Crews left him empty and broken inside.

Of course, Crews and Ricochet came out, and Crews told him he sold them out after allowing MVP to manipulate him.

Alexander interrupted Crews when he said they always had his back by asking how many beatings did he take when Crews was the champion?

Ricochet called Alexander out for stabbing him in the back, and added that they don’t care about his excuses and said if he thought the Hurt Business was bad coming after him, they’ll give him worse.

Cedric Alexander (w/MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Shelton Benjamin) vs. Rocochet (w/Apollo Crews)

The match started out more like a brawl than the type of match we’d expect out of these two.

Ricochet sent alexander out of the ring, where he caught him with a moonsault.

Crews took out Benjamin, and Lashley nailed Crews and picked him up, but Erik interfered and the two of them started fighting as we headed to commercial.

Lashley and Erik were supposed to face each other later on, could we have a tag match coming after the commercial?

Singles match continues

We returned without a tag match for once, and Alexander was in control of Ricochet with a waist lock.

Ricochet fought out of the hold, but Alexander went right after him and nailed Ricochet with a right.

Ricochet then hit him with some rights before Alexander hit with a knee to the ribs, then a dropkick for a near pinfall.

Alexander continued stomping and hammering on Ricochet, before Ricochet hit with a dropkick to give himself a breather.

Back on their feet, Ricochet resembled Cesaro with his forearm strikes, and hit Alexander with a superkick before hitting with a suplex and bridge for a near pinfall.

Ricochet went to the top rope and missed his splashed but rolled off. Alexander hit with a slam for a near pinfall, then followed it with a Lumbar Check for the pin.

Alexander was a lot more aggressive and ground based in this match.

Retribution’s in the house

Of course, the lights had to go out and Retribution appeared on the titnatron agains.

They continued their previous speech about being discarded and scraps, and whoever sells their soul to a corrupt machine, they become corrupt.

They claimed they refused to suck up and everyone should enjoy their last days before Retribution lets us know who they are.

Benjamin, MVP, and Alexander stood in the ring in a triangle in case they were attacked, but no one came out.

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