WWE Raw Results (9/7) – 2 on 1 Handicap Match – Nia Jax vs. The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan) ended in no contest; Raw Underground – Dabbo Kato Defeated Kevin Owens and Aleister Black

Retribution interrupted Jax and the Riott Squad to issue their mission statement; Dabbo Kato slammed Owens and Black to end Raw Underground for the night

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WWE Raw Results tuned in as Nia Jax started off against Ruby Riott, and after jawing with Baszler, Riott hit with a few strikes.

Jax quickly took over thanks to her power, but Riott avoided her charge and Jax nailed the turnbuckle.

Baszler asked, “What’s the matter, champ?” while the Riott Squad double teamed Jax.

Jax kicked out, then leveled Riott with a clothesline and had a near pinfall.

Jax locked in a modified Coquina Clutch, but Riott hit with a jawbreaker.

Jax hit with a shoulder block, and then mocked Baszler by standing on Riott’s hand.

Riott got loose, and Liv Morgan tagged in as the lights flashed. Morgan hit with knees to the face, but Jax kicked out.

The lights then went off and Retribution signs lit up and the group appeared on the titantron stating they are the cast offs and force to live on the scraps of contempt.

They termed themselves the locusts of contempt, and the darkness of Retribution will seep into the pores of every superstar and the WWE Universe.

We haven’t shied away from criticizing this angle, but this is the one time we’re grateful Retribution exists.

At least, they brought an end to these gimmick matches, though we are curious if Nia Jax wouldn’t pulled it out or if the Riott Squad would’ve been two for two.

The Mysterio family is ready

We returned from commercial and the previous match was apparently ended as no contest.

Backstage, Rey was interviewed about Murphy’s comments, and Rey said they know he just wants to sacrifice Dominik to get into Rollins’ good graces again.

He promised the Mysterio family will all be in Dominik’s corner.

Raw Underground – Owens and Black round three

Owens and black are still at it, though both were looking worn down.

Owens tool Black down, and when Black tried another armbar, Owens hit with a double stomp.

Owens hit Black with a headbutt, and Black hit with a kick.

Owens then threw Black out of the ring, but when they got back in, Dabbo Kato attacked Owens with a slam, then he choke slammed Black.

Kato took it over and closed the show.

This just felt wrong. Obviously, Dabbo Kato is the top in Raw Underground when the Hurt Business isn’t around, but this just felt weak after an all night bout.

McIntyre keeps his word

Backstage, Orton was preparing to leave the arena, still holding his jaw when Charly approached him.

McIntyre attacked him from the side, threw him onto a crate, then ground the side of his head into a turnbuckle of a practice ring.

McIntyre threw him into the ring and readied for another Claymore, which he hit for a third time that night.

When WWE Raw Results returned from commercial, Randy Orton had been loaded into an ambulance and taken out of the building.

McIntyre had promised this earlier in the night, and he followed through. This is going to be an interesting couple of weeks leading into Clash of Champions.

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