WWE Raw Results and Recap (8/31) – Mickie James Defeated Lana (w/Natalya); Randy Orton Defeated Kevin Owens

James hit Lana with a Chic Kick for the win; Orton hit Owens with an RKO

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WWE Raw Results and Recap (8/31) – Mickie James Defeated Lana (w/Natalya); Randy Orton Defeated Kevin Owens

WWE Raw Results and Recap return to a recap of the Hurt Business taking on the Raw Underground last week, then changed to the Viking Warriors and Cedric Alexander backstage high fiving.

Demi Burnett to Alexander she’s proud of him for turning down the Hurt Business, then said she supports all of them and gave Ivar a good luck kiss on the cheek because he’s the cute one.

After they left, Angel Garza stepped out with a rose in his hand, pining for Demi big time.

Mickie James vs. Lana (w/Natalya)

It started off fast as James took a swing at Natalya, and Lana attacked her from behind while she was distracted.

A series of kicks were followed by Lana choking James out on the second rope, then working her over with more kicks in the corner.

Asuka was supposed to be commentating, but her microphone wasn’t working. One job, people. One job.

In the ring, Lana hit with a suplex, but James kicked out of the pin attempt.

Lana them locked in a chicken wing type of hold.

At this time, Asuka’s mic started working and Byron accepted all the blame.

James tried to fight out of Lana’s hold, but Lana threw her backwards onto the mat.

Lana mocked James and slapped her, and her reward was a James’ strike to the midsection.

James then tackled her, and hit with a series of clotheslines. Lana slipped out of a DDT attempt, but James hit with a Chic Kick for the pin and win.

Natalya looked every bit as shocked as possible, and James kept her gaze locked on Asuka and pointed to her championship belt.

Backstage, Charly was waiting to talk to Aleister Black when Randy Orton came out of Black’s locker room and surprised Charly before walking off.

We came back to learn the Riott Squad (Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan) will face the Iiconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce) tonight. The winner gets a shot at the Women’s Tag team Championship.

The losers are a team no more.

Sarah was with the Iiconics and asked them about their match later on. She pointed out how they’ve known each other since high school in Australia, and asked how the pressure tonight affects them.

They both said how they made it this far together and they’re the best of friends.

They then added that it’ll take more than the Riott Squad to break them up.

Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens

Aleister Black attacked Owens from behind before he reached the ring and threw him into the ring apron.

Black was leaving, but paused and turned around and hit Owens with a Black Mass and he threw Owens into the ring.

The referee told Owens he can’t compete, but Owens wouldn’t let him call the match.

Owens got a few strikes in before Orton hit with an RKO for the win in a matter of seconds.

Looks like it’ll be Randy Orton vs. Keith Lee vs. TBD later on in a triple threat match to face McIntyre at Clash of Champions.

Mysterio family

Backstage, Charly approached the Mysterio family and pointed out how Rey won’t be able to face Seth Rollins tonight due to an injury, and that Dominik will wrestle in his place.

Rey added that it was a moment he was looking forward to as his entire family was there, but he’s proud that Dominik will take his place.

Dominik said that after Payback his confidence is at an all time high and he had a 619 with Monday Night Messiah written all over it.

WWE Raw Results and Recap love how they sound and we expect a good match.

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