WWE Smackdown Preview (9/4)- Universal Champion Roman Reigns Addresses WWE Universe

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WWE Smackdown Preview (9/4)- Universal Champion Roman Reigns Addresses WWE Universe

On tonight’s WWE Smackdown, new WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns (Brock Lesnar 2.0?) will have something to say to the WWE Universe.

Paul Heyman is also expected to be with him, whether as his typical role as a mouthpiece or silent partner, we have yet to see.

More of the same

Our guess is this will be the typical official heel turn as Reigns will explain that he thought things over while he was gone.

One of the topics he may broach is at seeing that fans really didn’t miss him (as comments on online posts show this group to be the majority), and that helped give him reason to turn selfish and a heel.

While this heel turn is welcome despite coming five years too late for many, if they go this route he’ll come off sounding more like a repeat of Seth Rollins and will only incur more fan wrath in general.

For his sake, we hope WWE creative thought this through and are going to the more tried and true formula that he couldn’t stand seeing the state of the Universal Championship and had to reclaim it.

This would be far more believable since he never officially lost it previously, though is coming back and being given the championship hasn’t gone over as much as they expected.

It merely reinforced fans’ belief that he’s being shoved down our throats and they aren’t wrong. But the gamble appears to be balanced with his heel turn and aligning with Paul Heyman will save him.

Time will tell, but it’s safe to expect plenty of continued cheers and boos to be piped in during WWE Smackdown to support the business decision.

Why Heyman

We expect him to explain that siding with Paul Heyman was the only way for him to find his ruthless side and reclaim the Universal Championship.

This is really the best way they could’ve recycled Reigns, especially given his mic skills aren’t that good and Heyman can help him improve with that even if he doesn’t do the talking for Reigns.

Plus, Heyman is often viewed as the savior of those he brings under his wing, but that is something that can be debated.

One thing we do expect going forward is for Heyman to structure Reigns’ matches like he did Lesnar’s.

While Lesnar could wrestle with the best of them, Reigns is limited but has been improving over the years.

If Heyman helps build him into a monster type that finishes his opponents off quickly it’ll help him.

Of course, this will draw the ire of fans, but at this point, it’s the best option going forward for Reigns and his fans.

What do you think will happen on tonight’s WWE Smackdown, and is adding Paul Heyman a good thing for Reigns’ career?

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