WWE Smackdown Results (9/4) – Fatal Four Way – Jey Uso Defeated Matt Riddle (pin), King Corbin, and Sheamus

Jey hit Riddle with a frog splash to win and face his cousin at Clash of Champions

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WWE Smackdown Results (9/4) – Fatal Four Way – Jey Uso Defeated Matt Riddle (pin), King Corbin, and Sheamus

WWE Smackdown Results were backstage as Jey Uso was in Roman Reigns’ dressing room and thanked him for getting him in the main event and said he owed him one.

Reigns told him it’s about getting respect, and it’s time for Jey to prove he can win on his own.

Prematch warmup

On his way to the ring, Corbin called it a practice of nepotism, and Riddle ran out to attack him on the ramp.

They beat on each other for a bit, then Sheamus came out and threw Riddle into the ring.

Jey attacked Corbin outside the ring, but Corbin had the upper hand.

The match didn’t start as we head to commercial.

Promos galore

A surprise edition of Firefly Fun House interrupted the fun.

Wyatt said he’s down in the dumps because the Fiend lost his toy, but he promised a new friend is coming to the Fun House next week.

Nikki Cross was backstage watching on a monitor when Alexa Bliss approached her and apologized.

While Nikki was in the middle of explaining herself, Alexa hugged her, and walked away.

This batch felt like they were just shoved in, line they were forgotten about until the last minute.

Universal Championship Number 1 Contender Fatal Four Way – Matt Riddle Vs. Sheamus vs. Jey Uso vs. King Corbin

Finally, the match started and Jey knocked Corbin out of the ring with a superkick.

Sheamus went after Jey, but Riddle jumped on his back and as Sheamus threw him off, Jey him him with a right and knocked him out of the ring.

Riddle rolled up a surprised Jey for a near pinfall, then Riddle it Sheamus with a knee as he was climbing into the ring.

Jey took advantage and rolled Riddle up, but Riddle kicked out.

Jey slipped out of a German suplex, but Corbin pulled him out of the ring and threw Jey into the barrier.

In the ring, Sheamus hit Riddle with a backbreaker for a near pinfall, and then he and Corbin stomped on Riddle.

Their double team on Riddle continued, with both men pounding on Riddle.

Riddle hit Corbin with a big boot, and threw Sheamus over the top rope.

Corbin hit Riddle with a spinebuster for a near pinfall that Jey broke up.

Corbin and Sheamus turned their attention to Jey, and Corbin knocked Riddle off the apron so they could focus on Jey.

Corbin slid under the ropes and was met by Riddle, and Jey fought back on Sheamus until Riddle got into the ring and they paired off against Corbin and Sheamus.

They exchanged running splashes and swapped, but each were caught — Corbin on Jey with a Deep Six and Sheamus on Riddle with an Irish Curse, followed by simultaneous pin attempts that both kicked out.

Sheamus nailed Corbin as he barked at the referee about a slow count.

Jey’s moment

We returned to Sheamus and Jey facing off in the ring, and Sheamus hit Jey with a suplex, then moved onto Corbin.

After hanging Corbin up on the top rope, Sheamus hit him with a drop kick to send him to the floor.

Sheamus then turned his attention to Jey, and pounded on his chest as he was draped over the top rope.

He then picked Jey up for a White Noise, but Riddle caught Sheamus with a kick.

Riddle landed a few strikes, then hit with a suplex, a running knee and Bro Ton before attempting a pin Sheamus kicked out of.

Riddle locked Sheamus into a triangle choke and elbowed Sheamus’ forehead, but Sheamus picked him up and slammed Riddle.

Riddle kicked out, and Sheamus locked in a cloverleaf.

Jey broke the hold with a superkick, but Corbin rolled Jey up for a near pinfall.

Jey got out of a chokeslam and held his own superkick party and cleared out the ring.

Jey tried a suicide dive, but Corbin caught him with a forearm.

Riddle and Sheamus hit Corbin at the same time and dumped him over the barricade. Jey then thi them with a dive over the top rope.

Corbin grabbed Jey over the barricade, but Jey hung him up on it, then jumped the barricade but was caught by Corbin. Corbin then threw him over the first line of fan monitors.

Corbin then focused on Riddle, but Riddle slipped out of a End of Days as Sheamus hit Corbin with a Brogue Kick.

Riddle hit Sheamus with a Bro to Sleep and then hit a Floating Bro on Corbin.

But Jey hit with a frog splash on Riddle before he could recover for the pin.

It’s cousin versus cousin at Clash of Champions.

After the match, Jey called out Roman Reigns and said he made the family proud too. He said it’s lockdown and Reigns knows what that means.

This should be an interesting match. We’re interested in seeing what Jey can do in singles action.

This episode was disjointed at best and felt like it was thrown together at the last second.

Sadly, once it got started, there really wasn’t anything that set it apart of got us out of our seats.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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