AEW Dynamite Anniversary Results: Big Swole vs. Hikaru Shida [AEW Women’s Championship Match]

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AEW Dynamite Anniversary Results: Big Swole vs. Hikaru Shida [AEW Women's Championship Match]

Hikaru Shida is the top player in a lacking women’s division, a victim of circumstance. You only get one first reign, and hers has been underwhelming outside of a great match with Thunder Rosa. Now, without any build, she has a title match with Big Swole. Big Swole has been picking up a few wins, including one over Serena Debb last week, but this match was thrown together to have all titles defended on this show. That being said, there is a chance here to really shock the doubters, myself included, with a damn good match.

Big Swole Is Matched In Power

They’d waste no time locking up, with Swole taking control in this opening exchange briefly, but Shida took Swole to the mat. Swole was back to her feet quickly, and would run the ropes only to be shut down with a shoulder tackle, before grabbing a sleeper hold and moving into a roll up. Both Swole & Shida would go for roll ups, and they’d exchange shoulder tackles and hip tosses.

We don’t see Swole often matched in power, but Shida did just that before laying in some strikes on the outside, with the big running knee lift. Swole got a cheap shot to the back as we go to a commercial break, but would fail to keep control throughout. Shida propped Swole over the apron, and took off a chair for another big knee strike.

Hikaru Shida Notches Another Defense

Shida would make her way back into the ring, and wait for Swole to follow. A suplex would be hit, as Swole started to show signs of life and go for a Crucifix Pin, instead being hit with a Samoan Drop. She’d come back again with a headbutt to the chest, before being sent to the apron and fail to hit a sunset flip bomb to Shida, instead just dumping Shida to the outside.

Swole hit a slingshot cutter on the apron and in the ring, getting a near fall. She’d look for Dirty Dancing, instead be compressed with a Straight Jacket German suplex. A hard knee to the back of the head and a falcon arrow got a two count. Swole dodged the running knee, and hit Dirty Dancing but Shida got the bottom rope. Shida nailed the running knee, and it was over.

This puts Shida to 18 wins and 1 loss in 2020, proving once again she’s the ace of the AEW Women’s Division. Who will challenge Shida at Full Gear? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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