AEW Dynamite Anniversary Results: Lance Archer vs. Jon Moxley [AEW Championship Match]

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AEW Dynamite Anniversary Results: Lance Archer vs. Jon Moxley [AEW Championship Match]

Everybody dies, especially when they’re in the crosshair of The Murderhawk Monster. He’s only lost one match in AEW, and he doesn’t intend to lose a second anytime soon, not even to Jon Moxley. Lance Archer has a shot to become AEW Champion just weeks before Full Gear, and is set to be the perfect storm to blow a battered Jon Moxley away.

Archer hasn’t wrestled in weeks, but Moxley defended the AEW Championship twice, once against Eddie Kingston and again against The Butcher, both hard fought matches. He’s beaten down, and now has to face Lance Archer. This is Moxley’s biggest test yet, and he’s been tested hard over his reign. You don’t beat Lance Archer, you survive.

Earlier in the night, the fight would begin backstage with Archer attacking Moxley from behind, turning this right into a No Disqualification match, which suits them both just fine. It was going to be an all out war, and Eddie Kingston would join commentary for this match.

Lance Archer Takes Early Control

We wouldn’t get any introductions, as Moxley would hit a snap Paradigm Shift to try to end this in a hurry. It would get a two count, before this went to the outside for a big brawl. Archer took control, throwing Moxley into the barricade, but after getting back into the ring, Moxley hit a tope to send Archer into the barricade. There wasn’t gonna be much wrestling in this one, just a fight.

Moxley was decked with a hard elbow, and his face would be raked. Archer sent Moxley back into the ring, but Moxley came back with a lariat, only to be dropped with a shoulder tackle. Moxley was sent to the outside, and dropped with a cannonball senton, as we went to a commercial break.

During said break, Archer would start to get some tables set up, and this one was gonna get dangerous. Moxley got back in the ring and goaded Archer in, only to get a boot to the face, this one slipping from the AEW World Champion in a hurry. Black Out would be set up, Moxley slipped out and took a big boot instead.

As we came back from the break, Moxley almost got chokeslammed through the tables but broke out with a forearm. Back in the ring, Archer came back with an even harder forearm. Moxley would hit a German Suplex, finally getting some space in this match, and hitting a running lariat before grabbing some steel chairs.

Jon Moxley Sends Archer Onto His Head

He would waste no time using these chairs, throwing one into the face of Archer and setting some up in the ring. Archer would be hoisted up for a Death Valley Driver through the chairs, but slipped out and chokeslammed Moxley through them as well, somehow only getting a two count.

The Murderhawk Monster had a steel chair, but Moxley grabbed the ankle for submission, and no rope break would save Archer, having to slip out of the ring. Archer would grab a trash can from under the ring, hide it from Moxley until he went for a dive, meeting the can instead of air.

Going back to those tables at ringside, Archer would look to hit the Paradigm Shift through the tables. Moxley however would hit a low blow, and do that himself, which was the finish of their Texas Deathmatch earlier this year.

Ending In A Flash, Champions Next Steps Clear

Both men were bleeding, and a Paradigm Shift would be hit, Moxley getting a two count and going for the Bulldog Choke. Archer managed to get to his feet and save himself, before hitting a Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts style DDT, and chokeslamming Moxley into the corner to set up the Blackout. Moxley would be planted, but as the referee counted two, a flash pinfall would save Moxley from defeat, and end this match in an instant.

Jon Moxley retains the AEW World Championship once again, by the skin of his teeth. Archer would beat Moxley down, and Lucha Bros would fend him off to leave Moxley to Kingston and his crew… or so we thought. Kingston would stop the beatdown, and reminisce about their history together.

For a year, Moxley has carried AEW, but now it’s Kingstons time. Kingston nailed the spinning backfist, and locked in the Rear Naked Choke. Jon Moxley was put to sleep, and his next challenger is clear.

Will Eddie Kingston become AEW Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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