AEW Dynamite Annivesary Results: Orange Cassidy vs. Cody Rhodes [TNT Championship Match]

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AEW Dynamite Annivesary Results: Orange Cassidy vs. Cody Rhodes [TNT Championship Match]

Last week, Cody Rhodes went to war with Mr. Brodie Lee in a rare Dog Collar Match, and is already back to his old ways. Being a fighting champion dominated his first reign, and for the one year anniversary of Dynamite? He will face one of the stars AEW built in the last year, Orange Cassidy.

OC has beaten Chris Jericho, took Mr. Brodie Lee to his limits, and could very well enter Season Two of AEW Dynamite as a champion. Rhodes might be the first two time champion in AEW history, but could be the shortest reigning as well. If he retains, Darby Allin is watching on, who has the challenge for the TNT Championship at Full Gear.

Cody Rhodes Need To Finish This Early

Cody Rhodes would pace circles around Orange Cassidy, hit the ropes and try to startle OC. It wouldn’t do much, and when Rhodes went for the lock up, OC would slip out of the way. Rhodes got close to a lockup, and OC put his hands in his pockets, before being shoved.

Finally, OC would lock up with Rhodes, and it was a stalemate. Rhodes didn’t expect to actually get that far, and they’d do it again. The power and size advantage was with Rhodes, but OC doesn’t mind. Rhodes grabbed OC for a waist lock, and would slam OC into the mat, but the hands getting into pockets would break the hold.

OC would be taken to the mat with a headlock takeover, but he’d show that he can hang in technical wrestling. Rhodes would be placed into two lucha libre inspired pins, but both only got to two. OC would be picked up for a vertical suplex and dropped face first to the mat, with Rhodes starting to get vicious as we went into commercial break.

During the break, Rhodes would grind OC down, hit a double axe handle off the top rope, and all around control the pace and flow of the match.

Orange Cassidy Is Non-Chalant

When we came back, OC would be slammed into the mat, but dodge the axe handle and go for his dangerous shin kicks, before hitting an actual superkick and when Rhodes fled to the outside, he’d be sent into the barricade with a dive. Dark Order was at ringside, but after John Silver tried to steal the TNT Championship, they’d be ejected.

Back in the ring, OC would hit a crossbody, but Rhodes rolled through and caught him, setting up Cross Rhodes, but taking too long. A near fall would almost give OC the win, and when Rhodes went for the vertical suplex? He’d take a stunner, but come right back with the Cody Cutter off the top rope.

After a double down, we’d see a slugfest between both men, but as OC set up the Orange Punch, a basement dropkick would stop him in place. A disaster kick landed flush, but only got a two count. OC got a quick rollup, but he’d be run through right after by Rhodes, who’d grab double underhooks but OC had a non-chalant escape. He’d be set up on the top rope, for a reverse superplex, getting a two count.

Going Broadway

With five minutes left, OC would hit the diving DDT for a two count of his own, following it with a Michinoku Driver for another near fall. Urgency was setting in, as Rhodes keeps the title in a draw. Rhodes rallied back and locked in the Figure Four in the middle of the ring, but would reverse the pressure as he rolls towards the ropes.

This hold would burn time in the end, as OC got to the ropes without tapping. But on the apron, OC would nail the Beach Break, and if OC could get Rhodes in the ring, he would be TNT Champion. OC did this as quick as he could but only got two before Rhodes would counter into a pinfall attempt of his own.

One minute left, OC went for Orange Punch, Rhodes countered into Cross Rhodes, OC countered into a spinning DDT. He’d nail Beach Break, got two and set up the Orange Punch, but stumbled. Instead, he’d get the mouse trap pin, but as Rhodes would have been pinned, time ran out. OC was off by one second, and Rhodes remains TNT Champion.

Will Darby Allin win the TNT Championship at Full Gear? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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