AEW Dynamite Results: Cody Rhodes vs. Mr. Brodie Lee [TNT Championship Match]

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AEW Dynamite Results: Cody Rhodes vs. Mr. Brodie Lee [TNT Championship Match]

This one was inevitable. Ever since Mr. Brodie Lee tore Cody Rhodes to shreds to win the TNT Championship, and destroyed the Nightmare Family, we knew Rhodes wasn’t going to take this one laying down. It’s become personal, and it’s a very dangerous situation.

Raising that sense of danger is the fact that Mr. Brodie Lee wanted it to be a Dog Collar match, one of the rarer and bloodier stipulations in professional wrestling. They will be chained together, and this one will not be for the faint of heart. Cody needs this one, if not just to regain the respect of the locker room after he got his ass whooped, and this is how he does it.

The two dog collars were separated by 16 feet of steel chain, which will be weaponized throughout this match. Greg Valentine himself was in the crowd for this one. Back in the day, he had perhaps the best example of this match with Roddy Piper, who would almost certainly be there with him if he could be.

A Brutal Start To This Match

Following a quick commercial break after the introductions, both men were chained up and it was go time. A tug-of-war would set Rhodes pulled in, but he took Dark Order member John Silver off the apron. Lee would hit the big boot, and drop some elbow drops on Rhodes. Silver was already bleeding, the first of many in this match.

Rhodes would get back to his feet and hit some lariats on Lee, before attempting the Cody Cutter, only to be yanked off the top and hard to the mat. Lee would drag Rhodes out of the ring, and throw him face first into the apron before grabbing a steel chair and tell Silver to take a seat, just in time for a dropkick from Rhodes.

Back in the ring, Lee would hit a lariat with the chain, before hitting a DDT onto the chain. Anna Jay would come help John Silver and take him backstage to get cleaned up, before Lee would go at Rhodes with the chain. Rhodes was bleeding at this point, and Lee was looking to open that wound up more, gouging at the wound.

Lee would set Rhodes up in the corner and hit some chops, and this was trending in a bad way for Rhodes. He’d make a comeback, slipping through the legs of Lee and using the chain for a low blow! A chain assisted Russian Leg Sweep dropped Lee, who slipped out of the ring, only to be yanked into the apron and hit with a dive. On the outside, Lee would send Rhodes over the barricade and yank him into it before he was ragdolled over it.

Cody Rhodes Finally Gains Some Ground

Lee would grab the time keepers table, and clearly had bad intentions. He’d go for a chokeslam through the table, but a handful of chains from Rhodes stunned him. Rhodes would yank him off the apron, hitting a cutter, as we go to a commercial break.

Throughout the break, Rhodes would maintain the advantage, and manage to get Lee up for a package piledriver through the table, putting both men down as they regained their bearings. Rhodes would get Lee in the ring, but only get a two count, taking too long to make the cover. Both men are now donning the crimson mask.

Rhodes would go hard on Brodie Lee, driving him face first into the chain before whipping him with the chain again and again, right to the lower back. He’d wrap the chain around his fist and punch Brodie Lee right in the face. Rhodes would use the ringpost and chain to choke Lee a bit, before letting him go.

Lee would finally regain his head, and choke Rhodes over the top rope before pulling him in for a bossman slam. He’d go right for a pin, getting a two count, and then throw some chain wrapped punches. Arn Anderson would fend off Alex Reynolds with a AA Spinebuster, but Lee got him with the chain.

A Brutal Finish To This Intense Match

Rhodes went berserk and would brutalize Brodie Lee with the chain, trying to choke him out with the chain. He’d go for a moonsault off the top rope, getting a two count. Another chain wrapped punch was attempted, Lee countered with some big boots. Rhodes hit Cross Rhodes, and Brodie Lee kicked out at one.

Two superkicks and a powerbomb on the chain would get a two count, because Lee didn’t get a deep pin. Rhodes would be set up on the top rope for a superplex, again just a two count. Neither man is giving this one up. Lee would get a release dragon suplex, and get ready for that discuss lariat, blocked by Rhodes and the Final Cut would be hit.

Rhodes would wrap the face of Lee up with the chain, rain down elbows and hit the Cross Rhodes for the win. This was a brutal affair, and Cody Rhodes is coming out as the first ever two-time TNT Champion. Afterwards, he’d say he wants to defend the belt next week, and Orange Cassidy came out to lay down the challenge. Cody Rhodes accepted.

Was this match too violent at times? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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