AEW Dynamite Results: Serena Deeb vs. Big Swole

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AEW Dynamite Results: Serena Deeb vs. Big Swole

After her fantastic debut match against NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa, Serena Deeb was signed to All Elite Wrestling. She’d have to take time off right away due to being exposed to COVID-19, but is cleared and ready to return, and has her return match against the brash Big Swole. Can her veteran touches guide her to victory tonight over the #2 ranked Swole?

Serena Debb & Big Swole Put On A Clinic

Deeb and Swole would lock up for a nice wrestling match, a welcome change of pace after the brutal dog collar match. Swole would be taken down with a wrist lock, as Deeb showed her excellent technical wrestling skills. Debb would lose a test of strength, and Swole nailed a back breaker before throwing Debb into the corner.

Swole would get rocked with a big right hand as Debb bounced back, and got caught up in the rope before eating a dragon screw and neckbreaker there. We’d go into a commercial break, and throughout we’d see Debb work over the leg with some submissions on the mat. She’d be out-wrestling Swole at every turn, controlling the pace completely.

Coming back from the break, Swole was in pain on the mat, but back up she’d hit a back elbow and get some space for the first time in minutes. Swole made a comeback with some lariats, before missing a roundhouse kick and having to use her head… literally. A headbutt to the chest dropped Debb, but as Swole went for the flatliner through the ropes, Debb nailed a backstabber.

As she went for the pinfall, Swole would go for a rollup and get two, before looking for Dirty Dancing and being countered into a backslide. Debb tried to hit a piledriver, Swole fighting out. They’d trade big strikes, Dirty Dancing landed flush and Debb was out. Swole got a big win, and a very great match.

Debb Is Essential To The AEW Women’s Division Already

While someone like Serena Debb isn’t a big flashy signing for AEW, this match right here showed why it was so perfect. This was one of the best wrestling matches Big Swole has had since joining AEW, she looked smooth as hell, her strikes were crisper than usual, everything was at that next level. Debb isn’t just a great wrestler, she’s a great trainer.

Much like how Dustin Rhodes is helping the less experienced members of the roster, Debb can do the same thing with the women of AEW. They have a very promising roster prospect wise, but it’s mainly populated by fresh faces. You need veterans like Debb in there, to help guide these young talents to Stardom. You’re going to see many women have their best matches in AEW with Debb, and it won’t be by coincidence.

Do you think Serena Debb was a good get for AEW? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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