AEW Dynamite Results: The Hybrid2 vs. FTR [AEW World Tag Team Championship Match]

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Another team out of the AEW Rankings is getting a brush with greatness this week, as The Hybrid2 have been hand picked by the AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR for a title match. It will have a twenty minute time limit, and is sure to be another tag team clinic from the champions and their manager, Tully Blanchard. TH2 are on a three match win streak, but FTR are on a ten match streak, and have never been beaten.

FTR Isolate and Pick A Limb

Jack Evans started off fast and rolled up Dax Harwood for some two falls, and used his speed to bewilder his opponent. Harwood missed the blind tag, and Angelico was able to dive onto him. FTR would regroup with Tully Blanchard, and consider leaving with the gold, only for TH2 to dive onto both men.

He’d get a nearfall on Harwood back in the ring, before slamming him down and going up top, only to be tripped up and crotched by Wheeler, and taken off the top rope with a leg lace. Evans would roll to the outside, and take a kneebreaker on the barricade. The leg would be smacked off the ring post, as we go into the commercial break.

Throughout the break, the leg would remain the target as FTR fully isolated Evans from his partner and systemically destroyed the limb. Harwood likes to use a modified Figure Four Leg Lock to end matches, and that could be Evans’ fate in this match. Back from the break, two more knee breakers shut him down.

Evans would counter a submission attempt, but Harwood got a tag and got between him and Angelico. Harwood hit a leg lace, but a crafty counter would let him finally make the tag to his partner. Angelico would launch some strikes and handle both members of FTR with his technical wrestling skills, getting both men tied up with ease.

He’d make an odd choice to tag in the tired Evans, them hitting a tag team move requiring Evans to come off the top. It would only get a two count, but he safely got his partner back in. TH2 would make some quick tags, before Angelico would be taken off the apron. FTR would hit a German Suplex into a Dragon Suplex into a pin, but Angelico managed to break up the pinfall.

Jack Evans would be set up on the top rope, and fight Harwood off before going for a corkscrew splash, coming up short due to the hurt leg. Angelico would try to take out Wheeler on the outside, before being hit with a Gory Bomb onto the apron. Harwood would go for a German Suplex on Evans, but Evans landed on his feet and hit a kick. A big lariat and a tiger driver from Harwood would soon follow, getting a near fall. FTR would set up the Superplex & Splash combo, with Wheeler getting the pinfall to retain.

After the match, Best Friends let FTR know they spoke with Tony Khan, and next week they get an AEW World Tag Team Championship match. Will Best Friends win the gold? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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