AEW Dynamite Results: Young Bucks vs. Private Party vs. Silver & Reynolds vs. The Butcher & The Blade

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It’s main event time, and we have four teams from AEW’s stacked tag team division. We have, Young Bucks, Private Party, John Silver & Alex Reynolds of Dark Order, as well as The Butcher & The Blade (who have The Bunny back again, thanks to Eddie Kingston). It’s all for a shot at the AEW Tag Team Champions, FTR at Full Gear, and everyone wants this to lead to a certain dream match.

A Frantic Start Sets The Pace

Matt Jackson started with Alex Reynolds, who took a dropkick before tagging in John Silver. Nick Jackson came in, stomped the arm and sent him into another corner to tag in The Blade. They took him out, and in came Butcher. Again, he was taken out, but in comes Isaih Kassidy.

Kassidy was able to match the speed of Nick, dodging a superkick with ease before countering one alongside Quen. Private Party hit a double superkick, and this one then broke into a brawl. Butcher & The Blade dropped Private Party and Blade tagged himself in, going to town with Nick, who’d tag out to Quen.

Silver came in, took a dropkick, before Quen dove over the top rope onto him and came off the top rope to Reynolds. Bunny shielded Butcher from the dive, but Blade got scoop slammed hit with that beautiful shooting star press, Butcher breaking up the pin as we went to a commercial break.

Throughout the break, Sammy Guevara & Matt Hardy got into a random brawl. Bunny danced on the apron and let Butcher & Blade sneak attack Silver and Reynolds, and everyone did their best to keep Young Bucks away from the ring.

Young Bucks Picked Their Spot

Coming back, Silver and Quen were in the ring. Silver went wild and broke loose, taking out anyone not his partner. Reynolds would come in, and they hit their signature combo: a rolling elbow into an enziguri into a stunner into a german suplex into a pinfall attempt, all in about five seconds. Young Bucks saved the match, before being dumped outside the ring.

Dark Order went for a double suplex, Quen breaking out and tagging in Kassidy, before hitting Silly String and the diving leg drop and diving body splash combo. Again, Young Bucks saved the pinfall, but in comes Butcher & The Blade hitting Full Death on Kassidy.

Guess who saved the match? The Young Bucks. They tagged themselves in using Blade, Nick unloading on Dark Order in a wild burst, then Private Party with kicks, and dove onto Butcher & The Blade. Butcher came into the ring for a superkick party. Kassidy was set up for the piledriver, and Bucks nailed it with a front dropkick, also getting a senton on Butcher.

Kassidy nearly rolled up Nick, but only got two, and Bucks did their best to keep Kassidy in the ring. The Meltzer Driver was set up, Quen stopped it, and Kassidy tried to get a roll up win. Instead, Nick countered, and won this one. It’s FTR vs. Young Bucks at Full Gear.

FTR Lay Them Out

Following this big win which set up the dream match, FTR made their way to the ring with those AEW Tag Team Championships. The two best tag teams in AEW are going to go at it on PPV, in a match that could main event. FTR offered some beers, but Bucks turned them down.

A masked man with a chair bludgeoned Nick Jackson, before they joined FTR to hit a spike piledriver. Matt Jackson would have a chair wrapped around the leg and Cash Wheeler jumped off the ropes and stomped the chair. The masked man was of course, Tully Blanchard.

Will Young Bucks beat FTR? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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