Could Carmella Be In For Another Smackdown Women’s Championship Reign?

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Could Carmella Be In For Another Smackdown Women's Championship Reign?

Over the past few weeks, Carmella has been being reintroduced to fans with a new character. She’s bringing back the classic narcissist character, but with a social media influencer flair to it. Carmella has proven in the past she’s more than capable in the ring, during her first run as Smackdown Women’s Champion, holding her own in matches with Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch. Now with her being built back up? It might be time for a long awaited second reign.

Getting Serious Again After Months Of Running Around With R-Truth

Carmella spent a few months running around in the 24/7 division with R-Truth. While these segments were great fun, often being the best thing on any given episode of RAW or Smackdown, this was a bit of a waste of the potential of Carmella. As previously mentioned, she proved she has been able to step up her game in the ring. Now with a new attitude making her more serious than ever? She could be dangerous again.

Carmella has never lacked confidence, and she’s remembering that she’s just better than everyone else in the women’s division. She’s done playing to the fans, and is going for the top spot. That means the Smackdown Women’s Championship. She didn’t show up on Smackdown last week, but reports indicate that a major push is still coming for Carmella.

A Challenger For Sasha Banks After Hell In A Cell

Tonight at Hell in A Cell, one of the big matches is Bayley vs. Sasha Banks in the namesake of the event. This has been a bitter feud that has been boiling for years, finally reaching it’s peak. The odds are in the favor of Banks, who enters her third Hell in a Cell match, and is the only person with a good chance to end the neverending reign of Bayley.

While WWE likes to drag feuds out long past their date, we might see them give this feud some time, allowing them to pick it back up for Wrestlemania. This would leave Sasha Banks with the need of a new feud one way or the other. With Banks as perhaps the top female babyface on Smackdown Live, she’d be the perfect person to tangle with The Boss. If the Smackdown Women’s Championship is involved? That just makes things even better for Carmella.

Do you think Carmella will become a two time Smackdown Women’s Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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