Finn Balor Sadly Injured 

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Why is it every time Finn Balor gets a big new championship, he gets injured. When he got the Universal championship, he got injured and now on his first NXT championship title defence. This one isn’t as bad as the last though. With it looking like he won’t be vacating his championship.  It has been confirmed that Finn Balor has broken his jaw in two places. The match between him and Kyle O’Reilly actually ended early due to him being injured. it has been confirmed yet but  Kyle O’Reilly may be injured as well. This hasn’t been confirmed though and could be a work. It also hasn’t been confirmed how long Finn Balor is going to be out for but we can speculate.   

How long will it take Finn Balor to return? 

A broken jaw can take up to 6 weeks minimum to heal, it could be up to two month. We don’t know if due to the fact that it’s broken in two places ,it could actually take considerably longer. In the wrestling world, 6 weeks isn’t that long. The fact that he hasn’t given his championship up on this week’s NXT. That does show that he could be in the process of a quicker recovery. All of us at Overtimer hope Finn Balor has a quick recovery. 

Will it be the Demon or Finn Balor Returning? 

With Finn Balor out of action for at least 6 weeks. Could we see an old personna return? The Demon was a massive part of Finn Balor’s old run in NXT.  He only brought it out for massive events, usually PPVs but we haven’t seen it for over a year now. Finn has gone back to his NJPW Prinxe gimmick but after this injury maybe it’s time to unleash the demon once again. Seeing the Demon back in NXT could be a massive ratings boost and comparing the ratings between NXT and AEW. It could be a good idea to bring back an old favorite. Especially if they bring Finn back at the next Takeover.

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