Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Preview (10/24) – Eddie Edwards vs. Ken Shamrock (w/Sami Callihan); Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match

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This match has potential to be a fun one, but it also feels more like an excuse to get Ken Shamrock involved to Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Preview.

Shamrock is a phenomenal performer and he’s going to be rewarded for his contribution to TNA and Impact Wrestling by being inducted into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame during Bound For Glory’s Countdown.

It’s an awesome moment for him and one he truly deserves, so having him in a match at Bound For Glory makes sense.

We’re also positive that he and Eddie Edwards will have a top quality match. It just feels like it’s forced in here.

Because of him being honored, we expect Shamrock to win and for the feud between Sami and Edwards to continue.

There could be a chance that Shamrock throws off Sami’s control, and that would be pretty cool ending to this match.

Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match

The winner of the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match has gotten the opportunity to challenge for any championship they wanted in the past, but this year’s has a flair of the dramatic.

Heath has been trying to get a contract with Impact Wrestling since leaving the WWE, and after his contract talks with Scott D’Amore fell through, he let Rhino have it.

Heath said he was offered a big contract by the WWE to stay after his final match with Drew McIntyre, but he turned them down to come there are Rhino’s behest.

Out of guilt, Rhino made a deal with Scott D’Amore to give Heath a contract if either of them with the Gauntlet, and Heath will get the contract terms he wants if he’s the winner.

It sounds perfect, but we later found out that to get that chance Rhino had to put his own contract on the line, so if they don’t win not only won’t Heath get a contract, but Rhino will be fired.

To make matters worse, since Hernandez pinned Alisha Edwards last week to come in at number 20, Rhino has to enter as number one.

This screams a confrontation between Heath and Rhino at the end for the win, and that would work out for both of them.

After an over the top rope elimination battle royal, we think it’ll come down to the two friends for the final spot and the winner has to do so through pin or submission.

After fighting his way through an impressive collection of talent consisting of Brian Myers, Tommy Dreamer, Havok, and, of course, Hernandez at number 20 and 14 others, he may not be willing to lay down for Heath.

It’ll be a pride thing, but Heath will see a chance to get the contract he wants and will feed his family.

This could lead to the two of them facing off, with Heath attacking Rhino from behind to steal the win.

There’s also the possibility that Heath could accidentally eliminate Rhino, and then be eliminated himself before the final two.

This would fly in the face of a happy ending for the two of them and probably won’t go over well with fans.

This also opens up the possibility that Heath will find out about the deal Rhino made for him he’ll throw himself on D’Amore’s mercy and take whatever he’s offered so long as Rhino keeps his job.

This is too WWE and Vince McMahon like, so we doubt it’ll happen.

In the end, we think Rhino will allow Heath to win so he gets his deal and they both keep their jobs. Unless there’s more fine print we’re not aware of.

How do you think these matches will end? Will Heath and Rhino keep their jobs and will Edwards end Sami and Shamrock’s union? Let Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Preview know in the comments below.

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