Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Preview (10/24) – Impact World Championship – Eric Young (c) vs Rich Swann

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Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Preview is all set for this match, and we expect it to be an awesome one given both men are motivated and excellent workers in the ring.

Since his appearance at Slammiversary, Eric Young has been on a rampage of destruction as he’s sought to end the careers of Rich Swann and Eddie Edwards among others.

He’s been honest about his intentions while dodging any responsibility, consistently saying his conscious is clear and that he gave Swann the easy way out.

Of course, Swann didn’t take it, and now he’s back for his revenge and the Impact World Championship.

Like a Phoenix

Rich Swann’s return from injury at Slammiversary didn’t go as he had planned.

He pinned and eliminated Young from the Impact World Championship match. This upset young’s plan, so he went after Swann and reinjured his ankle and Swann announced afterwards he was retiring.

Young then followed attacked again to ensure Swann was out, and then once more in the gym when Swann was rehabbing his injury.

Between those last two attacks, Swann hopped to the ring to chase off Young after he defeated Tommy Dreamer and was intent on ending his career, and then when Young did the same to the Deaners.

Swann had made it a habit of coming to any of the World Class Maniac’s targets aid and routinely chased Young from the ring before he could do too much damage.

Swann continued to refuse to be deterred, and worked hard to get himself ready so he’s medically cleared to compete at Bound For Glory.

The end is near?

This feud has run it’s course, and Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Preview thinks this feud will end with Rich Swann defeating Young and holding the Impact World Championship high.

This would be the feel good story after everything Swann as pushed through and dealt with, but there is always the possibility that he’ll win the match through disqualification.

Or Young will try to win it with a foreign object like the hockey mask he used to defeat Eddie Edwards for the title initially.

This time, he could be caught and either the referee will allow it to continue or Scott D’More could order it to continue or change the rules before hand.

If Swann does win, we’re curious how they’ll handle the rematch clause since it’s doubtful Young will go quietly into the night.

We expect something to happen to catch Young’s attention elsewhere, and that’ll free Swann up for a new feud.

But if Young somehow retains, even through disqualification, it could be interesting to see what’s next for him as well.

Who do you think will win the championship? Let us know in the comments below.

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